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Rated: E · Other · Satire · #1644732
Perhaps, after reading the story you can tell what the message means.
The Strange Message Left by a Bird

I arose from my sleep cheerful, thinking that today, may be the day I begin to see Robins and Daffodils, the two surest heralds of spring. As I puttered about the house humming and preparing for work, I passed through the kitchen and looked out the window to the back porch to preview my coming day. There I saw a small bird on the flat porch rail, and it was furiously hopping up and down in a half inch of freshly falling snow. I watched the little bird in amazement as it jumped and turned, first this way, and then that, all the while stomping its tiny feet. I don't know whether birds get angry or not, all I know is, this one appeared to be blowing it's top. When I moved a little to improve my view of this extraorinary sight , it must have frightened the bird because instantly it flew away. “Well Shucks” I said as I opened the back door and walked out to where the bird had done its funny stomping dance, and when I looked down, immediately I saw there, stamped in the snow, what appeared to be some sort of writing. I stood there eyes wide for quite some time, studying the cuneiform or sanscrit like writing tramped out in the snow. I studied it from several different angles as I tried to decipher it, but most of the writing was scrambled and difficult to make out. However, I did manage to get a bit parts of the last few words.
It was something like, glo _ _ _ warm_ _ _ my _ _ _ Mr Gore!
What could it mean?
Hummmm! ............ You know what? ............ There just may be three of us wishing this type of weather would go away.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1644732-The-Strange-Message-Left-By-a-Bird