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Camera Sensory
Camera Sensory – Walking from parking lot to my office

Chug…chug…chug…a freight train with graffiti and tagging art. The box cars are spray painted with names and slogans, squared off letters, mostly black with white and yellow. It is creeping along in the early morning light.

White smoke curling up from a stack on the building’s roof is set against a blue-gray sky.

One black crow up on the telephone wire squawks, then spreads its wings and flaps west over the building.

Snow boots crunch on tire driven snow.

A Conway semi-truck passes and shifts gears. It lets out a hissing steam sound.

Three men with hunched shoulders and one hand in a coat pocket are smoking in an area with a sign that reads: No Smoking within 15 feet of Entrance. Snow swirls off the roof and drifts down on them.

A key pad beeps when an ID code is entered. A glass door with hand smudges buzzes open with a swish and wet boots slap beige vinyl tiled floors.

Clink…clink, and then slam at a vending machine.

Heart health posters are hung behind glass cabinet doors along the left side of the corridor and red cut-out hearts decorate the walls.

There is a muffled scraping as boots walk on gray tweed carpet along offices with blue lit computer screens. Cubicals on the left are padded in gray fabric, while a flickering fluorescent light fixture above keeps time to the piped in music.

Papers are rustling and copiers hum filling trays with printed copies.

Three people mutter “good morning” one-by-one. A short plump woman with a gap between her top front teeth smiles and then munches on a carrot.

Coffee brewing fills the air, as well as an over-toasted muffin.

Car keys jingle and then become silent when they are dropped onto a desk – then a popping sound from pulling the tab on diet coke.

Some tapping and then a computer hums to life. Ping ping ping ping ping – endless pinging of email.
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