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Sometimes the feeling of love is not as easy to keep once we grab hold.
The Feeling

Dylan Barbee

    There is this feeling that many may glimpse but few actually ever feel, a feeling that can lift the spirits of the saddest man (woman) on the earth to heights never dreamed imaginable. Something about it causes many of us to look everywhere for it but never really know we had it until it has gone away, however, we feel it even more so when we begin to feel like we may be losing that person who made you feel that way. This feeling can build you up and just as easily tear you down, it can make the most logically thinking man into a bumbling fool when around her, it gives us the ability to reach heights that were only ever dreamed of.

    I sit here alone in this dark room with only a few shimmers of light from various spots everything else just feels empty until you think of that one person that just brightens your day and brings light to that dark room. It is a feeling I have glimpsed a few times but have never been able to actually feel it. I have longed and wished for this feeling to come to me and just hit me when I find that one, however, life isn’t always that simple we must let our hearts be opened, crushed, and beat down multiple times before we finally find that one who will make everything all better. Although many times imposters will come along to just throw you off of what you were going after and set you back but we must keep our eye on that distant unknown person we will call our most prized accomplishment of finding.

    True love is a very complex thing to finally feel unlike the “love” we tend to throw around so easily especially in our younger years when we do not fully grasp the concept. True love is that feeling that you get when you see that special someone and you just know because everything about your life together flashes before your eyes and you would be willing to die for them. If you have this feeling for someone would you honestly give your life so that they can live? I say that about a few of my friends but there is only one person when I find her for sure that I will give anything for as easy as love is to begin to build it is just as easy to destroy the most hardened relationship with one word, one action, or even one mistake.

    Many of you may wonder why the hell I would even write about things about this because it is either so open to interpretation or because you think your to good to think about it but the reason I write is to get my thoughts down so that I can figure things out to help myself and also because I long to have that girl with every fiber of my being. After so many potential girls the search has become bleak and its time to find a girl who will give me the real answer as to why she likes me that sets the stomach flies a flutter. Are you out there? Do I know you? This time of the year is filled with love everywhere you look and it is time to find mine.

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