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Love is blind and darkness scares her not!
The coldness of the night is her calling
the crossroad her midnight gate
the pact in my hand her pleasure.

I am scared, alone as the obscure darkness ascends
her form is but the abyss at first unknown
Then the blackest silk becomes the beauty of flesh!

She walks towards me and takes my pact
she smiles then gently kisses me on the lips
the pact becomes fire and she says “YES!”

“My soul she takes!”
“One hour you have then I take you!”

And then from out of nowhere my lost love came to me
Her flesh bare to the nights sky
We then touched for the first time in fifty years
Yet she was young, that of twenty.

She lay me down upon the soft grass
and then took my age with the words “I love you!”
We are now locked within the passion of love
slowly she rides me, her fingers like daggers ripping into my skin!

“We became BLISS!”

Then at my release my skin begins to burn
my lover screams has she fades
“In Hell I wait for you my love!”
And with that she the first wife of Adam appears.

“Soon you shall be together forever in showers of blood!”
As I became nothing but ash
I cared not for I had found my flower!

“Even in Hell love Shines!”

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon
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