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To me, these are the best written romances of all times.
I was at Borders awhile back and I came across the "Twilight book" section. As a "Twilight"fan, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. They had "Romeo and Juliet" and a sign that said: "The story that started it all." They had "Pride and Prejudice" and
"Wuthering Heights" as well. These are some of my favorite books so that I got me to thinking. I will write about my favorite romances ever written. I hope you will agree.

Romeo and Juliet. I love the Medieval Times and I love this one. A young couple from opposing families fall in love and don't you just love the balcony scene where Juliet confesses her love for Romeo and he hears her? How sad when Juliet faked her death and Romeo kills himself. Why couldn't the Friar have gotten to Romeo to tell him what was going on? A tragic end for the couple who were so in love. Juliet's cousin was a pain. They should have gotten rid of him in the beginning and Romeo and Juliet would have ended differently. The song "A Time For Us" is so fitting and one of the best romance songs ever written. Romeo and Juilet were together in death even though they couldn't be in life. Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" had a beautiful ending and her characters were named Romeo and Juliet. Thank you, Taylor. The beauty of love lives on.

Pride and Prejudice. I am a devoted Jane Austen fan and you have to love this story. Mr. Darcy was a pompeous as at first but you saw his good qualities along with his good looks and now all women want their own Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth fell in love with him as he did with her. Let's not forget the military man Wickum who fell in love with Lydia and Jane and her romance with Brinley. We knew that Caroline Bingley didn't belong with Darcy. Mrs. Bennett wanted her daughters to marry well. They did and they were happily in love. Jane always refers to her characters as Mr. Darcy, Miss Bennett but she lived in that era she is writing about and that is how they referred to each other back then. I am glad she gave her characters happy ending. I just love the conversation when Darcy and Elizabeth proclaim their love for each other. Yes! A happy ending! Love conquers all! Jane Austen kniows how to write a romance.

Wuthering Heights Catherine and Heathcliff. A young woman and young gypsy man were raised as brother and sister but they fell in love anyway. Catherine wanted more with Edward because he had money but she realized money couldn't buy happiness and when Heathcliff came back, she wanted him back. What a tragic end for them when Catherine died in childbirth and she came back as a ghost and Hinckley, Catherine's brother shot him. Catherine and Heathcliff got their happy ending like in death like Romeo and Juliet. Don't you just love when Catherine runs in the Moors calling out Heathcliff's name? Nellie the maid was a friend to Catherine and Heathcliff and loved Hinkley who didn't love her. Poor Nellie didn't get a happy ending or a man of her own. Catherine was spoiled but you loved her anyway. Heathcliff was bitter but you liked him anyway. You wanted them to have a happy ending.

Titanic. A great movie. Jack and Rose. Jack was the nicest guy and we knew Cal was a pompeous ass and all wrong for Rose. The Titanic went down and Jack rescued Rose. He had rescued her when she was standing on back of the ship. Don't you just love the kissing scene of Jack and Rose on the ship and how the sun was shining? When they were dancing to an Irish band below deck? Rose found happiness with Jack but it was short lived. In the end, when Rose dies as aold woman, she and and Jack are together again. I am crying so hard by this time and Celine Dion sings "My Heart Will Go On." I have watched the movie a 100 times and it never gets old.

Twilight. Here I go again about "Twilight." A vampire and human fall in love. Who doesn't want a man that is different, charming, handsome, adventurous and a vampire is someone you don't meet everyday. Women are drawn to vampires. They have charisma, charm and are never boring. Edward and Bella are cute together and Jacob the Native American guy who is a werewolf. well I would have a hard time chosing. Bella fell for Edward the first time she met him. Vampires introduce us to a whole new world so you can see why Bella wants to be with Edward. I love the book series and the movies so far. Fantasy. Love with a person who is no longer human would never be boring.

Romance. Isn't that what life and dreams are made of?

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These are my best romances of all time. I hope you will write about your own. Thank you for reading.

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