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by johny
Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #1645433
In this story there is a boy who is very kind helps a dog.
One day Harry was walking on the street. He saw that a small puppy was seriously wounded, it a had black and brown coat . Harry pitied on him and took him to his home. At home he bandaged the puppy and put ointment on his bruise. Then he went to ask his mother if he could keep it, but as usual his mother did not agree. But he did not listen to his mother and kept it in his father's godown each day he gave it half of his food to it and he kept it their until his mother agreed. Harry started calling the puppy Jimmy and took him everywhere he went except for his school of course. But at school also he could not concentrate as he always thought of Jimmy at noon when Harry returned home Jimmy was always be at the gate to welcome him.

4 years passed by and Jimmy became a sturdy and powerful dog. One summer vacation Harry's father Mr. Alok Treventhick planned a holiday to an Indian hill station Shimla . All the family members Harry his parents his brother Larry and even Jimmy went to Shimla. Mr. Trventhick had a friend in Shimla who owned in a cottage near a forest. The cottage was a ancient one it had no lights except for candles and the water also had to brought from far away stream, their was also a servant to help Mrs. Treventhick . It was fun living in that cottage. One evening Harry's parents had to go for some work and left behind Harry, Larry with the servant & Jimmy and promised to return before 9' o clock. But till 10' o clock no one came. Harry and Larry passed their time playing game. The clock struck 11' o clock in its monotonic voice Harry became worried and sent the servant to look for his parents, the servant went. Till 1' o clock no one came. But Harry heard a low growling voice from the forest. Jimmy had heard it before Harry and was barking madly. Harry guessed that it was a tiger and was right. The tiger tried to enter the cottage but before it could enter Jimmy jumped out of window and a very dreadful fight started, Harry heard the growling and fighting noises and prayed for Jimmy's safety but before his prayer could reach God , Jimmy was no more. Harry and Larry were so frightened that they could not move a limb. At 2 'o clock a vehicle came towards the cottage and Harry's parents and servant came inside the cottage, their vehicle had been punctured. Harry poured out all the happenings and bravery of Jimmy . Harry's parents were also very sad at the news. All of them agreed that dog is the most faithful animal in the whole world.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1645433