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by Jennyj
Rated: E · Preface · Sci-fi · #1645485
just dishes to us, but therapy to them
COUNT: 10 lines

New Prompt! I think that probably there are no Valentine’s Days in Fantasy Land or on other planets, but there could be something very, very different. Perhaps they send letters to people they hate on that day. Or maybe they design something to give folks who have bugged them especially. Of course, I suppose it could be a mutation of our Cupid’s with his arrow at the ready like: Love your lizard day or something equally bizarre. But whatever you agile brain ponders up out of the mush – our challenge is to be DIFFERENT -- to think outside of the porcupine (or whatever)

In other words, your prompt for today is to: Write a poem or story with a strange adaptation of Valentine’s Day – Not in the Fantasy World or sci/fi kingdom of your imagination, a place where on February 14th, hearts, flowers, and LOVE may not have anything to do with the sweetness of the day!

dish-replacement-therapy day!!

We like our dishes way too much! We take them out to play.
So, we use New Dish Therapy as our new holiday!

You call that same day "Valentine's"--we just omit the sweets
and beg for dishes---cups and plates--from which to eat our meats.

We wear them on our feet and ears as great fashion statements.
And when you see us all dressed up, you'll know where you've been sent!

We give new dishes out of love to everyone we know;
our landfills all will be full soon; dish glaze will make them glow!

We use this chance as therapy for our depleted souls
and as replacement therapy; we add more to our bowls!!

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