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by Janus
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A white tiger finds himself doing things he never would have thought of with a dragon.
It was a nice sunny, Saturday afternoon, the sky was clear and everything was peaceful. In the blue house down on the corner, laughter could be heard from inside, sounding like a teenage boy and an older male. The boy was a 14 year old white tiger. His stripes had not yet turned completely black yet but were almost there. He has a more feminine appearance, including having curved sides and hips. He has been mistaken for a female before, though he doesn’t really mind. He is wearing what is typical for him after a school day, baggy t-shirt and loose gym shorts. When he is standing straight, he is 5’10” tall, rather short for his age. He has more of a fun-loving attitude but also has a secret streak that he likes to keep hidden. He is innocent but loves to try new things. The other male with him was a 6’11” black dragon, his twin tails swaying a little as he watches the young tiger running around, chuckling as he keeps teasing him with a laser pointer. His scales were glistening a little in the sunlight streaming through the window, giving his body a shimmering effect. It is hard to tell for sure but the dragon looks to be around the age of 19.

The dragon looks over his shoulder as he hears a beeping coming from the kitchen. “Cyrus, dinner’s ready!” He says to the playing tiger as he turns off the laser pointer. “Ok mister, thank you for watching me again while my parents are out.” He cheerfully says as he looks around for the red dot that is no longer there. The dragon chuckles a little as Cyrus keeps looking for the laser pointer speaking softly with a hint of frustration, “How many times have I told you to call me Drake?” Cyrus giggles as he walks with Drake into the kitchen “But I like calling you mister, mister.” Drake sighs softly and shakes his head a little as he sets the table, gesturing for Cyrus to sit down, “what am I going to do with you?” Cyrus sits down at the table and looks at Drake, watching as he serves the food. It was spaghetti, one of his favorite meals, “Looks good mister.” Drake chuckles a little and sits down across from Cyrus, beginning to eat, speaking in between bites, “How long are your parents going to be gone this time?” Cyrus looks up at Drake with a couple noodles hanging out of his mouth, “They said that they would be gone for a couple weeks to a month mister.” Drake nods and continues to calmly eat, watching as the young tiger hurriedly eats his food. “How was school today? I bet you’re glad it’s the weekend.” Cyrus looks up and speaks excitedly. “Oh yes mister I’m very glad!” Drake chuckles a little and finishes his food, picking up the tiger’s empty plate and putting them both in the sink “Why don’t you go into the living room and pick out a movie to watch?” he says as he cleans the plates and the table. Cyrus cries out in joy as he runs into the living room, shuffling through the movies before he picks out his favorite one. Drake walks slowly into the living room, chuckling at the sight of Cy curled up on the couch with his favorite blanket. He walks over and sees the movie already started, smiling as he sees that it is The Lion King just as he thought it would be. He sits down next to Cy and pulls him into his lap, growling happily as he wraps them up in the blanket. About halfway into the movie Drake looks down and chuckles quietly at the sight of the white tiger sleeping in his lap, softly rubbing his head. Drake slowly gets up and carries Cy up to his room, laying him down and moving to go to his parent’s room when Cy grabs for him. Drake looks surprised but chuckles and lays down next to Cy, cuddling close and falling asleep with him.
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