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Valentines day the first moments?
Capturing a moment in time

Livy had to get the girls to pay attention and take this process serious. “Girls girls stop all that fussing, you most stand ready. 4 of you will be selected to be the preparers of the celebration. You will be preparing the sacrificed dog and goat mixed with salt meal cakes. So pay attention now to the sacred steps of preparation.” Livy thinking to herself; the girls where just so excited about the upcoming Lupercalia festival. The giggled and chided each other, wondering which noble youths will be selected for the running, would it be the beautiful young man Luscious. Many of the girls were just so excited whenever he was around.

But for now it was time to settle the girls and get the trained and ready. They were soon to be reviewed for their capability to be a priestess. The will need to pass the test of chastity. The chosen girls will be chosen to be the vestal virgins for the next 30 years and be the goddess of the hearth. This was such an honor and the girls are just being so silly right now. They will be the most powerful women in Rome.

For girls that will have to maintain their virginity, so many are just too silly about the running of the young nobles. Most have seen naked men before; this silliness needs to get under control.

Livy raised her voice, “Girls, Attention!” Gather round and stop this silliness. This is a scared time and you need understand the roles you may be selected for. As the vestal virgin, you will be recognized by all as the priestess. Who are the protectors of the scared fire? From you the season of fertility continues. The blessing that the young men dispel to the woman in the street will because of your preparation and your diligence. So pay attention and be diligent.

The naked runners will be blessed with flowers and sweets, so they can dispel your blessings. Young women will place themselves in the path of the runners helping for the slap of blessing for pregnancy and other for a safe delivery from a pregnancy. Do you see the importance of you maturity and solemness. This role will change you and you will be remembered for all time.

Tarpeia, Rhea Sylvia, Tuccia, and Minucia, you have been chosen to be the new vestal virgins. Grow in this position and take honor, for you will be the goddess of the hearth. You will be remembering trough the changing sands of time.

Lupercia a wonderful festival celebrated February 13-15. A festival of fertility and love

Move ahead of few centuries…..

Bishop Valentine defies the commands of the Emperor Claudius. He had command that no soldier was allowed to marry. Many wished to be married and faithful to their beliefs. Bishop Valentine preformed these marriages in secret and the marriages were arranged by secret note passing hidden in gifts. Oh what would the Vestal virgins think of all this, the sands of time are changing… how are they evolving.

More ahead again in time….

Dinner, roses, and sweets these are all a magical symbol of love. Symbols we bestow on each other each year… who would have ever thought it started with throwing flowers and sweets at naked young men running the streets…..

Secret admirers may have started with a bishop marrying couples in secret.

Happy Valentine’s Day…..
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