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A poem about taking the hit and being happy for people you care about
I'm the best man at my best friend's wedding,
it's a grand occasion- the day is balmy, the people joyous, and the bride is beautiful,
so beautiful it hurts

I can't exactly pin down when it happened, but how and why are easier-
cause I can tell you that when she's sobbing into your shoulder,
hair a mess and no makeup, eyes stormy and scared,
When she thinks she's at her worst,
she's still the most breathtaking girl you'll ever see

and I could show you the dark blurs under my eyes,
reveal all those nights we stayed up while the rest of the city slept,
talking about everything and nothing,
sipping tea and keeping our music low, because being the only two awake was half the fun

and I could tell you that no matter where you are, what you're doing,
you can't help but enjoy her company
even as you're trying not to play fool to her royalty,
knowing you're worth a wasted moment of her time always makes your life better

So please temper your scorn and judgement:
it's hard not to fall for her

Somehow, I'm smiling, at least until she sneaks a glance at me-
her beaming, her friendly beaming, shatters my Stoicism
lost, hollow, I scan the ground until I hit the groom's beat-up Oxfords,
and despite myself, shaking my head, I'm smiling again-
dude looks like fucking James Bond...
I'm his best man today, but he's the best man I've ever known
strong, humble, kind and always loyal,
the kind of guy everyone wants their son to become, that every girl wants to marry,
He's not perfect, he's not good enough for her,
but he makes her happy, and that's close enough

That being said, if he ever hurts her, I swear to God I'll beat the shit out of him:
For her, because I promised I'd always be there when she needed me
For his own damn sake, 'cause he threw away the best thing he'll ever have
and for my own, because that's the best thing I'll never have

No, I know that won't happen,
I can see it in as little as how he takes her soft hands in his weathered ones,
how her voice sings sincerity, serenading him with her promise of forever
all I can say is that it's real,
It's real, so it'll last

The two people I care about most, they're gonna last-
This is the happiest day of her life, this is the happiest day of his life,
As for me? Well, I won't waste your time on things that don't matter...

"If anyone in this chapel has reason why these two should not be wed,
Speak now, or forever hold your peace..."
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