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by johny
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Man is a more poisonous more harmful than an anaconda.
Once upon a time there lived a hunter. The wife of hunter was a true devotee of Lord Shiv (Shankar) . She had very much love and intense for him . But the hunter did not believe in God nor in love. He was a very cruel man and never gave respect to his wife. His wife always advised him that he should not hunt animals , but the hunter never listened to her and replied in very rough manner that if he would not kill animals how would he survive, and by selling the flesh and coat and leather of animals only he got so much income.

One day as he was going towards the forest a snake came in the way of the hunter he tried not to provoke the snake but as he moved backward the snake got provoked and bitted him the hunter shouted for his life but it was of no use no one was there to hear him and help him, but his wife heard him not by her ears but her heart she went to look why her husband had shouted. And saw a man lying on the ground counting his last beats. His wife was full of tears and asked Lord Shiv that instead of so much devotion to him why her husband was killed.Lord Shiv appeared before her and said that, " Your husband has been killing so much of innocent animals although they had done no harm to him, because of this I have given him punishment ".

In this world so many animals are killed for their leather and coat. As a responsible citizen of the country we must stop these crimes , otherwise no animal will be present in our country.
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