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This documentary sets forth Story line and the structure of the Novel.

Story Line: A young Witch, shocked by the source of her powers, finds herself embroiled in a prophesy that will change the world.


Act 1: She discovers she’s pregnant, with twins, despite not having intercourse. One of the fetus is a Dark Sister, an anomaly that kills the mother. The community wants the father named and the young Witch is taken before the Magistrate; then forced to choose between two, knowing neither is responsible.


Act 2: Two other girls and a middle aged woman become pregnant in the same manner.. The cause is Blood Scarabs that carry the Hemosperm of long dead Confederation Kings. As events confirm the prophesy, a religious fervor sweeps the land. Liope must step up to the expectations of her tradition. She is not ready for the demands and hesitates to invoke her powers. With the other women, she goes to the Citadel to deliver. Meanwhile, the Republic tries to kidnap, her mother. The attempt fails, leading to carnage, and in the process, the enemy learns of the prophesy. The Initiate can no longer defer and must come to grips with her destiny.

Queen of Light and Darkness

Act 3. As the Mothers come to term, the Republic prepares to attack. The Sisterhood is at the forefront, managing the financing, coordinating and mobilizing the forces which come to serve. A war looms, that will determine the future of the Confederation.

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