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A tribute to my beloved cat, Shadow, told from her perspective
Author's Note: I recently found this poem hidden away. It was written back in my first year of high school. Shadow the Cat passed away recently, so I decided to submit this in her memory.

As the sun in the east
Slowly starts to rise
I take the old woman
By surprise

She opens the door
She's as old as time
Yet she gives me a home
Without me paying a dime

And now to get
A bite to eat
Because this sneaky old cat
Has made quite a great feat

I've run from the dog
With his arms outstretched
He made my weak legs
Work at their best

Away I ran
Jumping, Jogging, Jittering
Trying to escape
Fast Frodo's Fidgeting

To see Elderly Elisa
Was very relieving
From inside her house
I could hear fast Frodo squealing

And now that my story
Is almost complete
I think that I'll get
That bite to eat

Then I'll lie down
For a much needed nap
And as a human might say
“Now that's a rap!”
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