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A couple, who is always late, is late for the last time. -487 words
“Joe, did you notice just how slow he is moving?”

“I did. Does he think we are going to jump up and dress ourselves?”

“There is no way he will have my hair and Makeup done right.”

“Yah well, did you see the amount of powder he put on me. I look pale as a, ha ha….”

“Joe that is not funny we are supposed to be serious right now.”

“Why can’t I joke around, geeshe, Louise you’re such a…”

“Joe, I will, figure out how to hit you if you say that word.”

“Louise, what exactly do you think you are if not a stiff?”

“Well, I am an apparition, visiting from the great beyond.”

“Louise, you’re dead. You’re a ghost. That must mean that purgatory is on strike.”

“You know Joe I just can’t believe I am still with you.”

“Don’t worry. We still have one thing left to be late for.”

“I know our friends always used to joke about this still, I never dreamed.”

“And now you will never dream again.”

“Joe why don’t you go frighten some children or something you’re starting to get on my nerves.”

“Well, don’t you think I haven’t tried?”

“Would you look at that awful shade of lipstick he is putting on me!”

“Looks fine to me Louise. At Least your mouth is shut.”

“Well, I never!”

“No you don’t. So, would you mind shutting up for just a little while… Hey why is he tying that tie so tight
around my neck?”

“It is probably to hide that ugly mark you got in the accident. Why couldn’t you have stopped sooner? The light was yellow, you know.”

“You know I never thought it would be like this. I mean I did not plan to be late to my own funeral. I cannot believe you are going to make me late for this too.”

“What do you mean me? He is having just as much trouble getting you ready.”

“What, who are you?”

“Ok, sir please I know who you are, and seeing as you’re here and all, could you at least do me one small favor?”

“Death does NO favors. I only deliver you where you were destined to go.”

“See Joe, we must be destined for something good why else would he have to come for us? And with such theatrics too. OH, just look at his robe!”

“Only you Louise would be excited to see, Death.......Hey look Louise, We’re finally ready and the viewing was scheduled to start 5 minutes ago. It’s a new record for us.”

“Ok, Mr. um, Death shall we?”

“Can’t you just do me one favor, Death, wherever you send her, send me in the opposite direction. I’m begging you! I mean if she is destined for heaven, I’ll take the other gladly.”

“Actually you’re both going to Purgatory, together, so Not Another Word, from EITHER OF YOU!
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