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My girlfriend Jennifer and I go back to the past to Jane Austen's time.
Jennifer and Megan stood in the mirror and were dressed like ladies in Jane Austen's time. Megan had a long blue dress with white lace and cameo at the neck and wore pearls. Jennifer had on a long green dress and wore a cameo with lace at the neck.

"Megan, why are we dressing the part? We are just going to a seance. I doubt if Jane Austen will even show up."

"If she does, I want to be ready. She will see that she is welcome and we really want to see her. This is going to be fun. Maybe Mr. Darcy will show up, too." Megan's eyes were a glow.

"Maybe Johnny Depp will show up dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow, too."

"Jennifer, Dear if he does, I will be taking this dress off for him."

"Hey! You are married. Remember?"

Megan laughed. "Yes, I am. Happily, I might add but I can always dream."

Jennifer and Megan got into Jennifer's new camaro and drove to Madame Fiaria's house. Madame Fiaria welcomed the women into the house and there were Megan's friends Gretchen and Angel. Megan had invited them. The women hugged each other and Megan introduced them to Jennifer. Angel and Gretchen laughed at the dresses that Megan and Jennifer wore but said they looked very lovely.

"Take your seats." A big gong was heard. Madame Fiaria was dressed like a gypsy, complete with long skirts, bangle bracelets, a ring on each finger and she was eccentric but all business. She claimed she had contacted Elvis and John Lennon at previous seances. Megan would love to talk to Patrick Swayze and George Harrison but one seance at a time. Megan admitted that she was nervous at this seance.

Madame Fiaria asked everyone to join hands. She lit the candles and turned off the lights. She started to go into a trance and said: "Jane Austen. We are trying to contact the spirit of Jane Austen. Jane, can you hear me? Jane Austen, we wish to speak to you. Jane let us know if you are here."

Megan laughed. "This is like Dark Shadows."

"Quiet!" Madame Fiaria's voice rang out. "Jane Austen. Please show yourself. Talk to us."

Just then it thundered and lightning and the wind blew open the door. The candles went out and Megan and Jennifer felt themselves faint.

When Megan and Jennifer came to, they were laying beside a carriage that had over turned. There were no horses around. There were no other people.

"Jennifer, are you alright?"

Yeah, Megan. What in the world happened?"

"I have a feeling we aren't in Indiana anymore, Toto."

Hey! Do you think we are in Bath, England? Oh my God! I bet we are in Jane Austen's time! Look how green the valley looks! Oh, Megan this is so cool!"

Megan looked around. Yes, it was beautiful. She had always wanted to go to England. Could it be?

"Oh, Jennifer! This is great! Megan noticed woods near by. These looked like the ones she had seen in Medieval Times movies.

Just then a carriage was coming down the road. Megan and Jennifer held hands. Megan whispered:" Jennifer, show time.

The small black carriage stopped and the door opened.. A woman dressed in a long black dress with pearls got out and smiled. She was accompanied by a younger woman that looked like her and an elderly gentleman. The woman smiled. "Are you alright? We heard there was an accident.We want to help you. This is my sister Cassandra. This is our father Mr. Austen. I am JANE AUSTEN."

Megan and Jennifer gasped. Life couldn't be more EXCITING!
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Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.

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