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WE become a product of things we are called
In the peace of day I hear you scream "stupid"
The sound makes me cringe for I am just a child
Your child how could you say this of your own flesh
Do you not care how you make me feel
Our do you not know your words cut like a knife
And from this child you drain the joy of life

As time goes on the child will grow
never realizing how much he knows
For the words spoken for most of his life
The hurt within brings nothing but strife
Stupid is as stupid does
and so he walks and never shows
The love within him

The boy grows and manhood comes
and with this brings to him a son
he makes a vow his son will shine
for he refuses to cloud his mind
with words like stupid idiot or dumb
only hope and love and encourage this one

Finally years later the boy that grew to a man
realizes his love for all men
no longer stupid he has a cause
to bring love into the lives of all he knows
forgiveness comes and he finally lets go
the hurtful words of so long ago
I love you Daddy I want you to know
Your grandson is the smartest man i know

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