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Words spoken long ago of one who denied, then preached one of the greatest sermons ever.
John 6:68
Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.

What a profound statement from Peter. A question we should ask ourselves today.
In a world of quick fixes and placing blame on everyone around us this could be the key to our spiritual freedom. Peter one quick to speak and very bold gained this insight from the Holy Ghost, for he knew Jesus held the words that could set all men free if they would just turn to him. The same holds true today, many are turning to the things of this world to find that freedom. But in those things there is no freedom at all.
Fear is overwhelming a lot of us but Jesus holds the words and those words are in the Holy Bible our source for freedom. Peter was overwhelmed with fear after Jesus' arrest, as he stood by the fire a woman ask "you are one of his followers" And Peter immediatly denied he knew him. But there is good news to all who have tried the things of the world Jesus is love and he loved Peter after his burial and ressurection He appeared to mary and her companions at the grave. He told them to go tell the disciples and Peter he had arisen and to tarry untill they be filled from on high. In Acts 2 we see they held up in the upper room and after they were filled with the Holy Ghost Peter began to preach. The one who betrayed a few short days later around 40 some days preached a message and 3000 people was added to the church. So to day this is what we need to ask ourselves to whom shall we go? Not the things of this world or the quick fixes but to Jesus recieve him believe and spread this glorious gospel. No matter what you have been through or where you have been Jesus says I am alive come to me and i will give you peace. I am your healer come to me and tell the world I love them and hold the words to eternal life. Dare to be a Peter
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