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Matt loves his best friend's big feet, and it turns out they love him back..
Chad and Matt. Matt and Chad. Best friends since kindergarten, the two were rarely seen
out of each other's company.

Chad had his first ever detention in the 6th grade for sucker punching a bully who'd
called Matt gay. A few years back, when the boys were fifteen and Chad broke his ankle at
the skate park, Matt spent the entire Summer at his buddy's bedside, keeping him
entertained. Matt cheered at every one of Chad's surf tournaments; Chad told Matt
secrets he couldn't tell anyone else; the two even synchronised class time-tables
right up to the last year of high school.

And, though he knew Matt would never admit it, Chad had always accepted his friend's
long-standing crush on him with flattery and a shrug of his gorgeous bronze shoulders..

Today, Chad was late home from skate practice and Matt waited in his buddy's room, so
they could go to the movies together. Matt, slight of build and on the pale side, gazed in
awe over Chad's collection of sporting trophies. With a tan as gold as these trophies
and a smile that made knees knock, Chad was more than a best friend to Matt. He was
Matt's hero; a sun-kissed athlete who defied the stereotypical jock image with his
kindness and generosity. He was the most naturally beautiful thing Matt had ever seen, and
at times Matt had to fight the urge to throw his arms around Chad's sturdy waist and
nuzzle his face into those godly bronze abs.

He knew how creepy his fantasies would probably seem to Chad, but he couldn't help
it! In the last few years Chad had transformed from a scrawny, hyper-active teen to a
glowing, sculpted muscle stud. In the middle of gym class, Matt would fantasize about
dropping to his knees and biting Chad's ripped, brown calf muscles; prying his
friend's Nikes off and sucking on those deliciously bulky size 12 toes to his
heart's content.

In fact, as Matt's eyes wandered his teen god's messy room this evening, a pair
of off-white sweat socks stood out among the debris of dirty laundry.

Matt tip-toed to the scrunched-up pair with baited breath. He knew he shouldn't - He
knew Chad would be home at any moment - He knew he had no right to touch his hero's
breathtakingly perfect, stale sweat, but he couldn't resist.. Matt's palm wrapped
around the first sock. To his suprise, it was still damp. Stiff, and cool, but damp.. His
breath fell out of his chest. In Matt's hand was the most precious, heavenly,
worship-worthy object on the planet. He could hardly believe he wasn't dreaming.

Next, his heart beating at a hundred miles an hour, Matt did the bravest thing he had
ever done and raised Chad's used sweat socks to his face.

The way the stiff cotton scratched his nose and warmed with his first breath.. The
hearty, salty smell, reeking so satisfyingly of Chad's beautiful feet.. The knowledge
that Chad's tan soles were inadvertantly squashed up against his lips and nose this
very moment.. Matt was in total bliss. He inhaled deeply, letting the thick musk fill him.
All of the anxiety and pressure that had possessed him these past weeks (Besides exams,
Matt's parents were in the middle of a messy divorce and Matt was suffering
chronically from the tension of it all) was relieved in one long, stinky exhalation.
Nothing could make this long-awaited, dreamt-about moment less than perfect.

"Matt?" Chad's voice knocked Matt out of his day-dream like a ton of bricks.
"Dude, you're.. You're sniffing my socks.." Chad walked into the room, his
t-shirt clinging to his abs with sweat, jeans sagging, huge Etnies peeping out from under
denim hems. "You're sniffing my socks, and you've got a hard-on." Chad
dropped his skate board on the bed, staring at his friend curiously.

Matt started to tremble with humiliation, on the brink of tears. "Man, it's not
what it looks like, I swear to God!!" He tried desperately to defend himself.

"Whoah, whoah! Relax, dude." Chad raised his hands reassuringly, stepping slowly
towards his friend. "So you like the way my feet smell, that's okay. I like it

"You.. You do?" Matt untensed a little, allowing Chad's big, strong hand to
rest on his shoulder.

"Sure I do, buddy!" Chad offered. "It's such a hot, foody kinda smell.
It's sorta comforting, right?" Now Chad's arm was hanging heavily over
Matt's shoulder. On one hand Matt relished the closeness, but was growing increasingly
confused and uncomfortable.

"R- Right. I guess.. But, man, how can you be so cool with this?" Chad's
sweaty arm pit was enveloping Matt's shoulder, and Matt was painfully aware of the
woody in his pants.

"Dude, you're my best friend." Chad said, focusing his dreamy eyes on Matt.
"I know you're stressed with exams and your parents' break-up. So if
there's something I can do to help you unwind, I wanna do it.. C'mere."
Totally unexpected, Chad wrapped his arms around Matt and gripped him in a solid bear hug.

Matt didn't know what to say. His embarrassing hard-on was nudging his buddy's
huge, denim-clad package awkwardly. Chad's shirt was soaked in sweat, but he went on
hugging his friend regardless, as if he knew how much Matt relished his hot skin and the
salty smell of his perspiration. Unable to do anything else, Matt simply went limp and
allowed his friend/crush to comfort him so capabley in those big, strong arms..

..And that was when it happened.

When Chad had talked about having the ability to help his buddy unwind, Matt had assumed
he was referring to the sock-sniffing, or the hug. But Chad had much more in store for his
little buddy.

As Matt stood there, he felt Chad's arms slide up his back, then over his shoulders
and head. This struck him as odd, until he opened his eyes and realised Chad's arms
weren't moving upwards - Matt's face was moving down! Now waist-high, Matt
continued to shrink until Chad's huge black Etnies skate shoes were the size of
mini-vans before him.

"What the- Chad, help, I'm scared!!" Matt shrieked, but Chad remained eerily

"Dude, relax. I'm in total control right now." He said, stepping toward the
bed. "Just take a seat and let the Chadmeister make ya feel all better, ok buddy?"
As Chad sat down, the giant mattress springs screamed in Matt's tiny ears. Matt
watched in mute awe as Chad pried one shoe off using the other - The titanic Etnies
crashed thunderously to the ground, like four wheel drives rolling over - and Chad curled
his socked toes playfully over the little man's head. "What do ya say, buddy? You
wanna wrestle with my dogs for a while?"

Matt couldn't find the words to answer. All he could do was gape up as Chad's
socks scrunched up between the cracks of his giant, flexing toes. The heat heat of
Chad's feet radiated around Matt, enveloping him, and the rich smell of footsweat was
like a hearty, comforting soup. "Watch this. I'm gonna give you a little strip
tease, heh heh.." Chad pinched the toe of one sock and pulled it off slowly, inch by
inch, wiggling his tan foot out of it slowly. It was as if he was enjoying this as much as
Matt! "Wait for it, wait for it...! Ahh, there ya go." Chad wiggled his free toes
in the air, letting pieces of lint and crud fall and bounce off of Matt's little
chest. "Ok little dude, lie down, you're about to get the royal treatment."

Matt lowered himself hesitantly. "Chad, this is fucking amazing, but.. I mean.. Are
you sure? It just all seems so weird."

"Hey hey hey, shhh.." Chad pressed an index to his lips as he thumped Matt on the
shoulder with his smelly big toe, laying the little man down. "You just relax, do what
your buddy says and let me take care of you like I always have.."

Now Chad's soles were stretching over Matt, literally filling his vision. The pale
brown complexion and network of vague wrinkles became Matt's whole world. All he had
to do was lie back as the mammoth skater soles crawled over his front and pressed him deep
into their warm flesh. Pinned under the huddled feet, Matt took a deep breath and a whiff
of that beautiful, boyish smell filled his lungs. Chad's soles were smooth like warm
stone as they slid over Matt's lips. When Matt finally found the courage to poke out
his tongue and taste the giant masterpieces, they were savoury and soft. The little guy
knew could easily sleep between these heavenly beings -- if he weren't so chronically
horny as they rolled passionately over his body.

"That's right.. That's it.." Chad's gentle voice was like honey in
Matt's ears. He kneads his tiny buddy's tense body like dough under his expert
feet, making sure every ounce of stress was squeezed out. "I know just what ya need,
little guy.. That's right.. Let me take care of you.."

And then, it happened. Chad's gorgeous toes smothering his face, that giant heel
nudging the hardness between his legs - Matt felt blood rush to his crotch and knew he was
seconds away from the point of no return.

"WHOAH! Whoah, dude, I gotta get up!" He try to scramble from under Chad's
feet, afraid of really embarrassing himself, but Chad wouldn't allow it.

"Don't fight it, little guy, I'm here to help you unwind." Chad
sandwiched Matt between his two warm, cushy soles and squeezed him like a ragdoll. "I
know what you need, Matt. I got your back. Just give in.. C'mon, just do it.."
Matt could only resist those feet, those godly feet, flopping clumsily on top of him and
smothering him with affection, for so long. He was thrown into a hot, frenzied orgasm in
which he lose all inhibition and flung his arms around Chad's big toe, kissing and
licking frantically. "MMH! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU!" Chad chuckled
happily as he watched the little guy smooch his big toe again and again, slobbering all
over the size 12 beauty as he ground up against it.

"Heh heh, don't mention it, little buddy.."

* * * * *

"Pencils down, please!"

Matt handed in his exam paper and trudged out into the hallway, his head aching, praying
that he hadn't just screwed his chances of getting into a good college entirely.

"Hey, buddy!" Chad jogged to catch up with Matt, slapping himon the shoulder.
"How'd you do in there?"

"Meh, I think I went okay. I hope, anyways." Matt hadn't been sure how to
talk to Chad since the events of last week. Chad certainly didn't seem phased by it
all. Actually, Matt suspected his buddy had actually enjoyed the foot rub almost as much
as he had enjoyed being his friend's little foot toy for that blissful hour.

"Ah, you'll be fine. You just need some rest, man, ya look exhausted from all
that studying." Chad leaned in to murmur something before he left. "Come to my
place later, kay? You look like you need to unwind again, and my feet miss you.."
Matt's best friend winked before slapping him on the shoulder, tousling his hair and
heading off.
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