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Part two of going back to the past in Jane Austen's time.
Jennifer and Megan wanted to hug Jane Austen! They had met their idol. Megan smiled and shook Jane's hand. "It is so nice to meet you." Megan looked into Jane's warm eyes.

Jennifer shook Jane's hand and said: "It is nice to meet you and your family."

Megan shook Mr. Austen's hand as well as Cassandra's.

"Ladies, get into the carriage and we will take you to our house." Mr; Austen extended his hand and helped Megan and Jennifer into the carriage.

After they were seated, Jane asked Megan and Jennifer what had happened with the carriage accident.

Megan and Jennifer knew they had to come up with something.

Megan spoke first. "Miss Austen, it all happened so fast. The horses must have been spooked and the carriage started taking off so fast. The next thing we knew, the carriage bounced and turned over and the horses had broke fee and we found ourselves stranded and scared."

Jennifer nodded. She said: "Megan and I climbed out of the carriage and we started walking looking for help. That is when you nice people came along."

Jane smiled. "We are going to our house to have tea. It will be alright."

The carriage arrived at a two story large brown house with brown shutters and french design. Megan and Jennifer looked at the structure of the house. It was definitely in Jane Austen's time period. Megan and Jennifer thought they were dreaming.

They got out of the carriage and the Austens walked in first. The parlor was modest with red winged back chairs and a red rose tapestered love seat. They walked into the living room and Megan and Jennifer sat on a couch with blue bird tapestry designs. Jane summoned their maid Nancy who was a petite young blonde and told her they were going to have tea. Nancy bowed and left.

Jane asked Megan and Jennifer where they were from. Mr. Austen sat in a blue velvet winged back chair with a book in his hands wearing his reading glasses and eyed the women intently.

"I am from London. Jennifer is from Hastings."

Jennifer gave Megan a funny look but then smiled.

"What do you do in London?" asked Jane.

"I am a nurse. I also do writing." Megan smiled nervously.

"What do you write? I write romance stories." Jane's eyes eyes were aglow.

Mr. Austen cleared his throat and he said: "Jane, really. Miss Megan, women weren't meant to be writers. You said you were a nurse. I assume that you aren't a lady of high society."

Jane was appalled. "Father, really. That was rude!"

"Look. We pick up two women who were in a carriage accident and Megan says she is a nurse and a writer. Jane, I don't approve of your writing. Women are supposed to be married, mothers and keep a house and do charity work."

Jennifer spoke up. "Sir, I wasn't put on earth to be someone's wife and have children. Women have a voice in society. I write, too and I work with Megan in the nursing profession."

Just then Nancy arrived with the tea and Mr. Austen stood up. "If you ladies will excuse me, I have business to attend to but Megan and Jennifer, you are welcome to stay but I don't care to hear you talk about youtrjobs. Women should be seen and not heard!"

Mr. Austen left the room. Jane was so embarrassed. "I apologize for my father's behavior. I am so happy to met someone who loves to write like I do. Oh, Megan what do you write?"

Megan was so happy to talk to Jane about writing. "I write romance. I write about Medieval Times. I also like to write poems, articles about famous women, some children's stories. I like to write about pirates, vampires and gypsys. Jennifer likes to write about dragons and things that go bump in the night."

Jennifer. "I like romance but I don't want to be married and I like to be in love but I want to be an independant woman. If love and marriage come my way, it happens. I am happy being my own woman right now."

Jennifer took a sip of tea and made a face. WHERE WAS DR.PEPPER WHEN YOU NEEDED IT?

Jane liked Jennifer and Megan. She asked Jennifer if she liked tea.

Jennifer shook her head. "No. Not really. I am more of a lemonade person."

Jane put her tea down. "Ladies, I write romance. I believe in letting love take it's course. A young couple meet but it isn't love at first sight. In fact, in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy can't stand each other but they do fall in love."

Megan and Jennifer wanted to tell Jane how they loved that book but they didn't say anything. It was so nice to talk to their idol.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Nancy led two women into the room. Angel and Gretchen! Megan and Jennifer were in disbelief! They, too were caught up in the seance and were here with them.
Beautiful sig of ladies from long ago and a red rose. Made by Anjuli.
Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
Another Beauiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.

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