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by Dark
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Mythology · #1647501
The second part of Dark.
After the victory in the dark woods some people fled from Shenku.Edward and his men returned to base in the forest.In camp he saw Vaku, he was a tall long black haired and black eyed rouge.He had a small group of rouges with him.He was a trap master, he knew every type of trap and poison.So he was the backbone of the crusaders.He always wore gloves.He said he wore them for dangerous poison.Vaku went next to Edward:
-Good job today, they got a good blow.Tomorrow we will make the next blow, we take Shenku!
-Why are we attacking Rome?
-They dont have enough men to defend Shenku.We would defend it better.
-But we just got out of battle, my men are tired.
-This is our only chance, ready your men for tomorrow.
Edward went to his men to inform the news.The crusaders were ready.They didn't have any catapults so they made a ram.
The ram was getting ready to be placed.From the fort a group of armored soldiers bearing long swords and shields came out.They had too much armor for arrows or knives.Edward's men fought the first line fiercely.The battle resolved quickly.Edwards men broke the enemy defenses.Now it was Vaku's turn.He and a group of his men placed small metal shards that would shoot the enemy chests causing severe damage when triggered.And several archers got up the walls.And there was a mage.They never saw a mage before.But he wasn't a black mage, he was a healing mage.And the main army came out.As they ran towards the front line Vaku's traps did work.The shards stabbed the enemy infantry making the job easier for Edward.Edward won the crash but lost many lives.Leonardo and his archers fought the forts defending archers.The number of Leonardo's troops were less but they still had the advantage.Vaku and his men brought the ram to the door.They were actually winning a hard battle.After a while the door was broken.Edward and his men took out the archers at the wall.Vaku noticed a hooded man watching the battle from a far distance.Vaku drew his dagger and ran towards him.The man ran to a back street.As Vaku followed he ran to a dead end.He looked to see no one was there.He returned to see the mage and the enemy archers were killed.Shenku was won...
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