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This documentation contains first hundred plus scenes in novel.


Chapter 1 Encounter

1 of 1: Miranda gives bad news to Olivia: Proactive; Action (Act) Dialogue (Dial)

2 of 1: Liope acts out her fantasy. Conflict between Reality and Self-Image. Proactive; Act, Dial, Interior Emotion (Emot), Interior Monologue (Mono), Discription (Disc), Forshadowing.

3 of 1: Snagar. Proactive; Action, Disc, Mono.

4 of 1: Morgolic on the run. Proactive, Disc.

5 of 1: Galreath and flight with Morgolic. Proactive; Action, Disc.

6 of 1: Liope and Morgolith meet. Proactive; Act, Dial, Emot, Mono, Disc.

Chapter 2 Doubt

1 of 2: Morgolic prepares to face Snagar. Proactive, Disc.

2 of 2: Cateyln and Gabby to the rescue. Proactive; Act, Disc, Dial, Emot, Mono.

3 of 2: Cateyln reaches Morgolic. Proactive: Act, Disc, Dial, Emot, Mono.

4 of 2: Liope doubted by Magistrate. Conflict of values (Truth/Keeping Word) . Proactive; Act, Disc, Dial, Emot, Mono.

5 of 2: Liope at Guard House: Reactive then Proactive; Act, Disc, Dial, Emot, Mono.

6 of 2: Sheriff conducts Reconaissance. Proactive; Act, Disc, Dial, Emot Mono, Flash.

Chapter 2.5 Matilda

1 of 2.5 Background on Coven. Intro of Lilith and Matilda. Proactive. Disc

2 of 2.5 Lilith. They arrive on scene Proactive. Action Disc, Mono, Emot, Dial.

3 of 2.5 Gabriel Dies. Proactive. Disc, Dial, Emot.

4 of 2.5 Lilith and Matty to the Rescue. Proactive. Desc, Dial, Mono, Emot.

5 of 2.5 Cabin scene of exhaustion and sorrow. Reactive . Disc, dial, mono emot.

6 of 2.5 Mother Daughter Talk: Proactive. Action, foreshadow, dial, mono, emot.

7 of 2.5 Lilith Reflects. Discovers dead Scarab. Reactive, Conflict between expectation and delivery. Conflict between actions and blame, Emot, mono, Disc.

8 of 2.5 Dumar and Young Jernigan introduced. Reactive. Dial, foreshadowing.

Chapter 3 Unexpected Powers

1 of 3 Description of Liope and Valley.

2 of 3 Interview of Albiana and Galreath

3 of 3 Relationship of Liope and Mother.

4 of 3 Liope argues with Father.

5 of 3 Kulrick and the Council.

6 of 3 Liope examines contents of purse and puts on scarab.

7 of 3 Militia set off on Recon

Chapter 4 Battlefield

1 of 4 Discussion of Mores, Elves and Key characters.

2 of 4 Pluto meets Bedelia.

3 of 4 Liope awakes and examines scarab and stones.

4 of 4 Varnack and albiana arrive on scene.

5 of 4 Opehious and Dumar encounter Elves

6 of 4 Liope talks to Robin.

Chapter 5 Interrogation

1 of 5 Bedelia meets Olivia

2 of 5 Liope meets Young Jernigan

3 of 5 Elves continue search... Try and put evidence into scenario.

4 of 5 Liope discovers levitation.

5 of 5 Elves want to interview Liope.

6 of 5 Interview with Sheriff

Chapter 6 Reinforcements

1 of 6 Background on Pluto, Bedelia and Martha.

2 of 6 Background on Climatus and Pluto.

3 of 6 Background on Albiana and Varnack

4 of 6 Council analyzes events.

5 of 6 Liope practices more levitation.

6 of 6 Valadimir Tropolof, Larissa, Martha, Martha tries to seduce Rogoletti.

7 of 6 Orphious and Orin discuss Liope's interview.

8 of 6 Varnack and Albiana get word on Karla and Walinda's arrival.

Chapter 7 Wolves

1 of 7 Pluto and Bedelia prepare for tier two.

2 of 7 Albiana and Dumar discuss "Strays"

3 or 7 Guiles Standaloft

4 of 7 Orin and Liope discuss her openness over what she reported initially.

5 of 7 Liope goes in search of her mother.

Chapter 8 Morgolic

1 of 8 Bedelia and Pluto pass tier two

2 of 8 Martha loves Guiles...female cadets set up Guiles.

3 of 8 Liope and Catetyln talk.

4 of 8 Albiana and Varnack pick up Matrons.

5 of 8 Liope questions father about taking mother back.

6 of 8 Elves discover Morgolic is alive.

Chapter 9 Young Jernigan

1 of 9 Relationship between Rogoletti and Olivia

2 of 9 Bedelia and Olivia decide how to help Pluto

3 of 9 Council reviews bidding ....sends Uta to Middletown.

4 of 9 Martha and Guiles have sword fight.

5 of 9 Varnack changes plans discovering Morgolic is alive

6 of 9 Orin tells Liope of Decision on her mother.

7 of 9 Introduction of Young Jernigan

8 fo 9 Liope sizes up Young Jernigan

9 of 9 Matrons arrive at cabin to minister to Morgolic.

10 of 9 Cateyln and Karla have talk...little feet are confirmed.

11 of 9 LIope asks father permission to walk with Young Jernigan

12 of 9 Council reviews bidding...decides to send Matrons to check out Liope.

13 of 9 Young Jernigan and Liope have date.

14 of 9 Orphious and Dumar discuss increased Elf activities.

15 of 9 Uta crosses border.

Chapter 10 Morgolic Awakens

1 of 10 Climatus receives her scarab.

2 of 10 Uta arrives to help matrons save Morgolic

3 of 10 Uta brings Morgilc's spirit back from dead... Cateyln and Albiana have talk.

4 of 10 Albiana reflects and talks to Kira.

5 of 10 Cateylns monologue

6 of 10 Uta struggles to bring Morgolic back from dead.

7 of 10 Council reviews bidding

8 of 10 Martha and Guiles kiss.

9 of 10 Karla tells Albiana what to expect from sex with Varnack.

10 of 10 Liope and Young Jernigan have second date.

Chapter 11 The Three Conspirators

1 of 11 Pluto with mother, Bedelia and getting ready for tier 3

1 of 11 Martha and Guiles experiment with sex.

3 of 11 Liope awakes and senses Albiana, Karla and Walinda approaching

4 of 11 They break in and get caught...discover Liope has essence and stones...Liope slings Karla.

5 of 11 Three Conspirators regroup outside... Albiana get ready for Varnack.

6 of 11 Council not amused.

Chapter 12 Pregnant

1 of 12 Pluto and Bedelia discuss Combat scenario

2 of 12 Albiana and Varnack make love.

3 of 12 Bedelia meets Climatus

4 of 12 Morgolic regains consciousness

5 of 12 Uta examines Liope and finds her pregnant

6 of 12 Background on War of Confederation.

Chapter 13 Dark Curse

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