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A helpful poem about reality and God's vision.
Trying to act like, “Let’s wait and see!”,
Is trying to act very confidently,
While being cool and acting patiently,
But this is not how things will always be…

You won’t always bring all the pizzazz –
It’s like being locked up in ole Alcatraz;
There are plenty of moments to have a spazz,
And you’re never complete with “all that jazz”!

But don’t be so foolish, or act hastily,
You can’t tell the future, so let’s wait and see!
You can’t be sure how things will turn out to be,
But you must have some idea, absolutely...

Thoroughly preparing for every detail
Is only partial insurance that you won't fail,
But all you are risking is a kick in the tail,
An invalid excuse for a fire sale!

So walk with a purpose, with feet that are light,
And stand at attention, for God’s vision is right…
Before you can win, there must be a fight,
Which may not work out, or stay out of His sight…
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