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400 word story about a bunch of kids stealing marsh mellows from the witch's tree.
"Hey, look guys, a marsh mellow tree!" Jimmy began, "Let's go steal some of them from the lady who lives there!" he said, as he glided his hand through his shimmering blonde hair.

Jenna glared at Jimmy questioningly, "Are you nuts? That lady is Mrs.Harrol, she'll turn us all into bunnies if we stole her marsh mellows!" She slapped him in the arm and continued to burn holes in his skull with her glare.

"Well, what if she doesn't see us?" Kale added, seeming interested in the idea, "What if we are really careful?"

Jenna then stared in disbelief that Kale entertained the idea of stealing. "B-but, that's still stealing guys, c'mon, she could turn us into anything she's a witch for gods sake!" She explained to them both, being the goodie-two-shoes she was, trying to convince them not to.

Kale began to walk towards the tree, not caring what Jenna had to say, not caring in the least. "C'mon guys, I'm hungry, I want some marsh mellows!" He said while he turned around and crossed his arms.

"Oh my god, fine," Jenna complained, "But we'd better not get caught by that awful wit-"

"Oh, shut up! We'll be fine, Jenna, just don't talk for 10 seconds…If that's even possible…" Jimmy cut her off and whined back at her.

"Both of you stop!" Kale hushed them both, and dragged them to the marsh mellow tree. "Here, just take some and we'll be gone!" He urged them.

Mrs.Harrol looked outside, through the blinds, and her face instantly turned sour. She grabbed her wand, and out the creaky door she went.

"What are you doing on my property?!" She asked the kids, waving her wand every which way. They all froze in place, as their eyes turned wide and swung themselves around. "Don't even bother answering! I know you all were trying to steal my marsh mellows!" She grinned crookedly, and laughed like a maniac at the thought she cooked up. "I guess I'll just, zap you into a bunch of crickets!"
Mrs.Harrol waved the wand in the air as the kids stood their, petrified of the woman, no, this witch, and stared in astonishment as the wind around her mounded into a gigantic whirlpool of leaves, branches, and wind.

"Larkream, sealfor, nagmer and blickets, turn these children into crickets!" and with a flick of her wand, came the wrong spell.
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