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Allusion within three stanzas of poetry.

...natural, beautiful symmetry,
         piston and pollen in petals of unity
         attracting birds and insects fluently.

No words can explain this industry
         within its rock-a-bye cradle diversity
         world of uncultured purity.

Quiet winds dance in obscurity
         evoking visions clairvoyantly
         minds finally cured from alluring lunacy.


Poetic Devices 201 - Lesson 7 - Allusion

The first stanza alludes to flowers of the fields, which are here today and gone tomorrow; the second stanza alludes to the natural networking of the industry --- reproduction of flowers; and finally, the third stanza alludes to the blowing winds dancing amidst this beauty beyond the senses, a sure cure from the drum of mundane lunacy.


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