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by Page
Rated: E · Preface · Contest Entry · #1648189
What happens when your best friend happens to be the devil and he kidnaps your girlfriend?

                                                        White Flames



         “Christian! Christian!”

         Jane was calling for him.  He ran toward her, but the fire was all around him. Flames rose up in front of his path, but he ran right through them. He had to find Jane. There! He saw her and grabbed her hand. He pulled her closer, and wrapped his arms around her. He wouldn’t let her go for anything. She clung onto him, terrified. She screamed. Demons were coming out of the fire, pulling her down towards the fiery depths of hell. Christian looked around for something, anything that could help him now. He saw David out of the corner of his eye and turned toward him. His face was demented, his eyes filled with insane pleasure at the sight of Jane’s terror and his own fear of losing her. David looked straight at him, smiling a wicked grin that sent chills down his spine and then the flames started advancing in on them, forming a circle that was shrinking around them. He held Jane tighter, tensing, bracing himself for whatever would come next. Then, the flames stopped, less than a foot away from them. He didn’t loosen his grip on Jane, knowing that something horrible was going to happen and if he let himself slip, even just a little bit, he would lose her forever. Then, the flames rose up between them, prying them apart. Christian hung on to her tighter, fighting with every breath in his body against the instinct to flee from the flames that were burning his skin. He could feel how cool and smooth the flames were on Jane’s side, like a glass wall, pulling her away from him. The flames were rising up higher.  They were at his neck now. He looked at Jane, and her eyes were filled with fear but she started to push him away. The flames rose up in front of his face, burning him again. He could hear Jane sobbing on the other side of the flame.

         “Let go!” she begged. “You’re going to kill yourself! Please, let go!” She didn’t understand. Losing her would be worse than dying. He loved her more than anyone else in the world. She was his reason for living. David appeared beside her. He grabbed her wrist, and ripped her from Christian’s arms. He laughed cruelly before the flames leaped up around them, blocking them from view. Jane screamed his name one more time, and then she was gone.

                                                          * * * * *

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1648189