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Setting and following goals is a necessary step in making your life turn out to be the life you want, and is an excellent method for determining your priorities for the path you choose to follow. Moreover, it is important to set written goals to imprint them on your consciousness and to ensure that you can verbalize them coherently in order to permit yourself to be able to see them fit into your world. You also want to be able to visualize them on your to-do list and see them written on your computer screen as a reality for your success and your life. Having the opportunity to expand on your goals in the form of a list allows you to anticipate their follow-through more accurately in the bigger picture of your life and your plans for your future. Having them listed in one place ensures immediate access to them and allows you to revisit and revise them as often as you feel necessary, and to enables you to measure how well they are being fulfilled. Sometimes, creating a time-line for their fulfillment inspires you to establish a larger life-plan for your long-term progress.

Your goals can encompass any aspect of your life that you want to work on. They can center around your personal habits, your appearance, your career, your leisure time, your finances, your family, your health— only the sky is really the limit! Just decide what you want to focus on, and start brainstorming. Start small at first, try the outcome on for size, and if your experience is positive, keep on adding to the goal list until you are satisfied with your result.

Seeing a picture of yourself as a bigger success than you have seen in the past is tremendously empowering and important if you want to bring about any results in the form of of positive change in your world.
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