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by lehzer
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #1649163
A young woman is attacked and is really more than she appears to be. She is a Guardian.

My life truly didn’t begin until I was shot in the head.  It was an ordinary day and I was at my new job at a big, glass, corporate building.  I was in my cubicle amongst the many other cubicles surrounding me.  I was trudging along in another job that I felt didn’t meet my full potential.  I was supposed to be doing something else I thought.  What that was, I didn’t know but as I walked by a woman comrade I gave her a welcoming smile.  Just because I felt myself drifting into oblivion didn’t mean I had to spread the bad news.  I had always had these very realistic dreams of far off places where I was someone else, someone that could do so much more.  Flying, moving things with my mind, it all seemed so natural to me I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do it here.  But here I was in a 9:00 to 5:00 job pushing papers from one side of my desk to the other.  Nothing special ever happened to me.

Suddenly there were men in dark clothing that definitely did not fit in with the corporate garb.  They were spreading out and going down each aisle. They were roughly telling people to go the conference room on the far wall.  Some people were protesting but I noticed their protests quickly disappeared and their compliance rapidly followed.  A man came to my cubicle gave my legs and appreciate look and then gave me the same spiel.  When I didn’t answer him or move to follow his orders he waved a gun in my face.  That’s when it dawned on me how they were getting such quick responses.  This day was not turning out like my ordinary day, but in a bad way. 

I promptly got up and followed directions.  I went to the conference room to wait my fate.  It wasn’t long until two men came into the room and explained what they wanted.  My boss happened to be at the front of the group of people so they grabbed him.

“I know some of you are wondering why we have gathered you here in this room.  Well a lot of effort has gone into locating a single individual on this whole planet.  It has been narrowed down to this building this floor, and this corner.”

At this announcement everyone shifting around nervously because this was obviously crazy and they were being held at gun point by irrational people.  I on the other hand had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It seemed like everything around me had suddenly become crystal clear.  My senses increased by a hundred percent until I could see the hairs on the man’s arms.  I was afraid for those around me.  All those dreams didn’t seem like dreams anymore.  Were they my true reality?  Was I somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be?  Why would I be here if I could do those amazing things in my dreams?  Who left me here and why?  Underlying it all was the thought that maybe all my strange dreams and feelings were true, that there was more to my life?  What did this all mean?  It meant there was hope!  The man put the gun up my boss’ head and then continued his speech, ripping me from my pleasant reverie like a scalpel.

“I know whoever it is that we are after it supposed to treasure life, and they wouldn’t want me to blow the brains out of this stranger.  The person I am looking for is named Lee Dejon.  It could be a man or a woman but their age is in their late twenties early thirties.  You have until the count of three until I shoot this man.”

I had no doubt that they were going to shoot my boss and then pick another older victim and keep shooting people until I gave myself up.  The name Lee Dejon had been a name etched in my mind for decades as part of the dreams.  I always thought of her as my shinning knight who I should aspire to be but I never thought of her as myself.  The man I started counting.

“1…….2………”, “Stop” I yelled.  The man looked at me.  “Well you meet the criteria but how do I know you’re not just saying something to stop me from shooting this man”

“Because I recognize the name Lee Dejon and I have for awhile.”

“Too bad you don’t know everything that she does,” and he raised his gun and shot a bullet into the center of my forehead.

My head snapped back hitting the wall behind me, the force of it pulling my body backwards.  As I fell against the wall behind me, I hovered for a moment and then I slid down the wall to lay crumpled on the floor.  The bullet didn’t exit.  It had remained lodged in my brain.  Of course when the gun went off everyone looked but it was all so remarkably silent.  The gun must have a silencer on it.  My eyes were still open and I could see what was in front of me.  I watched at the man walk up to me and look at me.

“You have a hard head.  The back of your head should be gone.  But you’re not so terrible; one of the most powerful being of the universe.  You’re nothing but a dead meat.  Wonder why they would make a woman something special?” 

He was right.  At the moment, I wasn’t anything to really be frightened of - but I was working on it.  Until he said the name Lee Dejon I had always thought that I was just a person with amazing dreams.  I should just be happy with my 9:00 to 5:00 job and stop looking for more meaning in the universe.  But once that name was said it seemed that my brain and body were racing, trying to catch up with what I had been born to be but I had for some reason never evolved into:  my true self.

He took his foot and kicked my leg and it moved lifelessly, yet I continued to watch the man with dead, staring eyes.

“You’re dead; nothing, but dead meat.  Let’s go.  Start getting rid of the other ones.”

I always knew they had been lying and they were going to kill everyone.  They couldn’t leave a soul alive.  Not that anyone could identify them but they could identify me.  The name Lee Dejon, it would slowly wend its way out and into the news.  From the news out into the universe and reprisals might come.  If they killed everyone they would truly kill Lee Dejon.

But I was not done.  I worked hard to focus the energy I felt growing within me and I moved my hand.  I concentrated on healing the wound to my head and I felt the bullet slowly push its way out and healthy living tissue fill in behind.  I could see the men aiming their automatic rifles, all with silencers.  Some women and men were cowering down hoping to be missed.  I felt a few men ready to charge the men with the guns.  I knew that would be futile. 

I needed this extra time as the enemy gloated over their easy kill.  This was to my advantage.  I felt the feeling coming back to all my extremities and life return to my dying body.  They were wrong to think I was powerless.  I felt the power grow within me like a white hot cinder of rage.  Rage against these men and all the other people that had labeled me and filed me away.  Now was my turn.  With a resounding ‘plunk’ the bullet came out of my forehead and fell to the floor.  Then I looked up.  In the next heart beat I stood up in one smooth movement.  As one, the gunmen pointed their guns at me.

“Shoot her! Shoot her!” their leader yelled.  He was too late.  I had remembered who I was.  I may not know all that I was capable of doing but one thing was sure.  I was Lee Dejon, a Guardian.  I sucked the energy from the very air around me and sheltered the people with me mind.  The bullets struck into my barrier, stopping like a finger into taffy.  I felt myself becoming stronger as I leached off the expended energy of the automatic weapons.  Soon there was silence as I drained the guns dry and they could no longer fire.

The leader was still yelling and then suddenly he bolted for the door.  I waved my hand and closed the door in his face.  He couldn’t stop himself in time and went headlong into it.  He bounced off the door and crumpled to the floor.  Rolling over he looked at me with a look of defeat.  He should look defeated.  I looked down at my shirt and saw the blood there.  Very little considered I had been shot in the head.  But there wasn’t much time to waste.  These were just henchmen.  The real terrors were yet to come.  I waved my hand and the leader whipped across the room and with a solid thud hit the side wall.  He didn’t move after that.  Then I turned to the remaining gunmen and simply cut off the blood to their brains so the passed out one after another. 

“Everyone is free to go.  I will be leaving myself.  If you wouldn’t mind could you just tell the police that someone disabled the leader and the rest gave up.  They won’t believe the real story anyway.  One more thing, there are scarier creatures than these pathetic men, on their way.  It is best that I lure them away from all of you.”

“What are you?” My boss asked.

“Why I am Lee Dejon a Guardian at your service.  I have been hiding on your planet until it was time for me to leave.  It seems that time has come.”  The statement had just come without thought but I knew that it was true.  Hiding.  That was what I was doing.  I obviously was hiding from the creatures that were now hot on my trail.  With that, I simply walked out the door leaving the other employee’s watching not really knowing what had just happened.  If they thought about it they wouldn’t believe it.  Things didn’t happen like this during their normal work day. 

I strode to my cubicle and grabbed my purse and some other personal belongings like pictures.  No need to make it any easier on the police or hunter that would surely be sent after me.  They may have acted as though they knew exactly where I was but in reality this scene was playing out in buildings all over the world.  They could get a general fix on me but nothing stayed static long enough for them to be sure.  Hell, the spinning of the Earth threw off their measurements.

I jogged to the elevator and I jumped in.  I hit the P2 button to get to the second parking level.  My car was on P3 but I wasn’t going to walk straight into any goons they had left waiting down below.  My whole department was assigned to P3 level so they would expect me to exit there to get my car.  I got out of the elevator without incident and hustled over to the stairs.  After carefully opening the door I headed down noiselessly.  At the outside of door I stopped to listen.  I noticed just like all my senses my hearing had gotten a lot better.  I bet I could hear someone drop a cigarette on the ground from behind the door.  I listened then pushed out with my senses.  Two people were waiting over by the elevator with one heading towards the stairs.  He wasn’t close enough to see so I slid out and along the wall.

He rounded the corner and I reached my hand out.  It felt like I could feel his whole body but all I needed was one little blood vessel in the brain.  I burst that and he went down like a ragdoll.  I had now killed someone.  I had seen the blackness of his soul, the rapes, tortures, and murders.  I didn’t regret removing him from this existence. 

I moved on into the parking lot walking in the open towards the other man.  What had I to fear?  I could kill a man with the wave of a hand.  He took one startled look at me and then started to raise his gun.  It never got past his hip before he joined his friend in a heap on the ground.  I might have felt some compassion but I could feel the darkness of their souls.  Hunters tended to get the dregs of society to do their dirty work.

I got to my car and quickly drove out.  I wanted to get to my house, grab some camping equipment and be off to the wilderness.  A hunter could find me in a room full of people by killing them one by one until I gave myself up.  In the wilderness it would just be the two of us.  I smiled satisfied.  So much of my life had been confusion and wreckage.  Now I had a true direction.  I thought about it harder.  Yes, there was a direction.  I could feel it percolating up to the surface of my mind.  A ship buried in the desert.  Would it still be there?  What shape would it be in?  Could I fly it…yes I could.  It was all hardwired into me like a newborn gazelle knows the first thing it must accomplish is to stand and then to run.  I was running as fast as my mind could take me.  One of my biggest questions was why I was hidden here?  I should be with my own kind, brought up with love and acceptance.  Instead I had grown up always wanting something I was told was impossible to get.  It had warped my life and led me to extremes that I shuddered to think about.  I had some questions to ask when I got where I was going.

However, I first had to do mundane tasks such as pack a car.  Soon I had my stuff together and also gathered some food and money.  Then I turned my car to the Mojave Desert.  That was where I would find my rescue.  If only I could get there first.  No doubt the hunter was monitoring certain wavelengths and I must have sent the alarm off with my sudden explosion of power.  I had a good car and I was pushing the speed limit.  Before I left I had swapped license plates with another car like mine.  Can’t be too careful.  I was not only running from the hunter but the police as well.

After two hours of driving from Los Angeles I was nearing the Mojave Desert.  I was reading the map and driving at 80 mph with no difficulties.  I loved my new abilities! I was heading towards China Lake when I came upon a small road leading off to Trona.  I decided to head that way.  It was getting dark now and I was driving over 100 mph without headlights or any trouble.  As I got closer to Trona I saw another smaller side road which I took.  This road quickly disintegrated to nothing but a rutted path.  I had to drastically slow my speed or I would destroy my car.  I doubted anyone had been on this road for decades.  I continued on my way.  I rose over a small hill and stopped.  Off to my right at the bottom of the hill was a slight depression.  I pulled the car over next to it and got out.  Then I carefully stopped and listened with all my external and internal senses.  I felt nothing except a vague hostility hundreds of miles to my south. 

Walking up to the depression and I knew that there was a ship underneath all that earth but how to get it out.  I stopped myself again.  I knew how to do this if I would just concentrate.  I looked at the earth and then tried to drill down with my eyes.  That accomplished nothing but a headache.  I breathed out and shut my eyes and felt the energy around me.  I could tell the difference between the sage brush and the earth.  Even in the earth there was life.  I felt lower and then with a psychic jolt came into contact with something quite solid and foreign to the landscape. I felt the outline of the ship.  It was very aero dynamic with a more solid rear section tapering off to a spike in the front.  I looked for what might be a door but there was nothing but smooth skin. 

Now, how could I get the ship out of the ground so that I could board it?  I looked at the ground around the ship and could tell that it had been disturbed but over a century ago.  Had they been planning this long for my arrival?  Were they that weak that they already knew they had to hide me a hundred years ago? I stopped to try to locate the focal point of hostility and noticed that it had come much further than I would have thought.  This was the reason for their fear.  I wish I knew more so I wasn’t so afraid too.  I surmised the hunter must be in a plane to have traveled so far so fast.  I needed to get the ship out and now.  Then I needed to figure out how to get it off the ground and away from earth.  No doubt the hunter also had a ship so even though I was away from earth I was not safe. 

I looked at the ground again and once more grabbed the energy that was naturally swirling around all things and focused it on lifting the earth.  At first it was frustrating, maybe a spade full would move but every time I got better.  At the same time I could now feel the hunter getting closer and closer to me.  With a supreme effort that left me gasping I grabbed the ship, shifted the earth and brought it to sit beside the hole that it had occupied.  I didn’t waste any time with celebration instead I was feeling the ship over with my new senses.  Finally I felt where there had to be an opening but nothing was opening.  Again I took a big breath and let it out to calm my nerves.  I felt the door carefully and there was no opening mechanism at all.  I wanted to scream but was too tired.  If I couldn’t open it I would have to remove it.  Once I had that thought everything seemed to line up.

I took my energy and encompassed the door and then turned it into a liquid form moving it out to the side like a plane door, than I made it solid again.  There, I had her open and none too soon.  The hunter was only about ten minutes away.  I scrambled on in, carrying the gear that I had brought.  No telling what I might come up against.  Then I let my instinct take over.  I sat in the chair which slowly formed around my body completely, cocooning me.  I didn’t let myself feel any fear as the chair covered my body and face.  I looked out and could see the outside.  I looked up and could easily see the stars.  If the boys at Hubble could see what I was seeing they would be drooling.  I felt the engines behind me and gave a silent prayer that they left the spacecraft loaded with fuel.  Then I realized that I was supposed to supply the fuel.  I had three minutes to go.  I reached out and grabbed the energy from the particulates around me and funneled them into the intake valve and without another thought I was airborne and going at Mach 3 without feeling any gravity at all.  Within seconds I was away from the earth’s gravitational pull and was headed towards a star that only someone with a powerful telescope could see.

I felt the hunter fall behind and also his anger at losing me.

As the ship flew across space I was exhilarated.  I had no idea where I was headed.  However, I felt secure in my instinct that I was off to the planet of my own kind.  Just as my musings were calming me my ship detected another ship closing fast to my left.  It couldn’t be the hunter I left him in the dust of Earth.  No this must be his accomplice that he left waiting for him behind the moon.  I shifted my ship to the side and tried to increase the speed.  I was already going all out.  I tried to pull in more fuel but the ship could only handle so much.  The other ship was on a direct intercept course.  I thought that my ship must have some weapons on it.  I thought back into memories that I hadn’t known I had and I felt certain I had some means of protecting myself.  I thought about weapons systems and I looked down at what would have been my console if I wasn’t encased in my chair.  I could understand the readouts and found the one I wanted. 

I looked at the weapon for smart missiles.  I had to mentally give it coordinates but that turned out to be simple.  I launched one to see what would happen.  It flew out of a forward firing tube and headed straight for the enemy ship.  As it got closer I didn’t see it but actually felt it impact on a defensive shield.  That gave me the thought that I should get my own shield up.  I barely the shield up before my adversary fired back.  Their missile also stopped harmlessly at the shield.  I thought about it for a moment and loaded a different missile.  One that was slower packed less of a punch but which was more the burrowing type.  I watched it fly slowly to my target and impale itself on the shield.  Then it just kept going, moving slowly through the shield until it was through.  Once the resistance of the shield was gone it surged forward and hit the ship right in the middle. 

The ship took the blow and seemed to sway a bit but continued on.  Then there was a secondary explosion in the ship which blew it to smithereens.  I was amazed that I had won the exchange.  I turned my ship back to the inviting star and then put as much power into the engines as possible.  No matter how much power I put in it would take me a lifetime to make it to the star.  I looked down at the console and thought about a ‘hyper drive.’  They have it in all the sci-fi shows why not in reality.  After perusing the console for a moment I found what I was after.  I reached out with my mind, gave it directions and then engaged the hyper drive.  Everything blurred.  I decided that must mean that I did it right.  I thought about it for a moment and decided that it would take me three hours at my present velocity to get to my destination.

I pushed back on my chair and it unwrapped itself from my body.  I stood and stretched.  What a day.  Kidnapped, chased by men and then by aliens.  The most important point though, was that I now knew who I was.  I felt certain that my destination would have further answers to my many questions.  A whole new vista was opening up for me; one that I had dreamed of but never thought was possible.  The universe was the limit.

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