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A little writing exercise, so it probably won't make much sense.
In more than one way, human beings are often compared to the most silly of things.

Birds. Foods. Pictures. A full-blown handicap wth a brain of nothing but mush.

It depends. It really does. On what trait the human being you're comparing your object to: their beauty, their voice, their hair. How sentimental.

But the best analogy, on Earth really, that you should compare human beings to as a whole is something you'd never expect it to be, both beautiful and heartless but an accurate synopsis all the same.

There are over 300 different types of concertina wire in the world, but they all pretty much serve the same purpose. Sit there, don't move, shred flesh. Not to say it's what we live for, but that doesn't mean this routine is non-existent nonetheless. And I don't mean by the concertina wire.

A piece of wire, metal but smooth as marble. Just the piece itself could make you think it looked naked as hell, but that's how we all are on the inside really. The metal, stron but shiny, isn't too thick, maybe about the girth of your pinky. It's really beautiful actually. The gleam and smoothness of the wire almost locks you eyes onto it; kind of like the way a light attaches to a girl. You can see the smoothness, and it looks so soft you want to reach out and grab it. In your head it feels cold, but velvety, and you like it. And it twirls; it twirls around in a large circle shape to make a spring. A big long spring that is stretched, like a metal slinky stretched across a table. Or a roller coaster. The kind that makes you vomit all of your cheese fries and Coke on the high school girl sitting behind you when the ride loops.

On the wire are attached small spikes. They don't look like spikes, not like the ones you see on torture contraptions and shit. They favor one side and lean in that direction...like a shark's fin. The tips are razor-sharp and also metal, and they space about an inch apart each. This is to cut you up like a fillet when you get too close.

So you have this wire. This radiating wire, on the inside of this spring, this spring that has spikes. It attracts most because it's very interesting-looking, and most get closer to see what it's all about. But if you fuck up and lose your balance, you're likely to get shredded.

But, as I said before, it twirls. Like people, it has a routine. And even if you get too close, and it tears your skin and your blood begins to flow, whether or not you manage to escape the bind, it will still keep twirling around and around and around...
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