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Rated: E · Other · Gothic · #1649991
A fun character I've used in games. 716 words
Jacob Two Bears
Native American (Pima)
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 198 lbs.
Long Hair (to about mid-back)
Age: 24
Student at Arizona State University. Masters in ancient religion, working toward PhD in anthropology.

Abilities: Tracking, cooking, athletics, “chick magnet” though he doesn't understand why. Knowledgeable in tribal rituals and folklore (raised by his mother and his old-school grandfather).

Jacob Two Bears followed the spoor of the huge wolf. They mingled briefly with older tracks then ran to follow the first set. Jake picked a bit of auburn hair from a low shrub. Now he was sure. Rosalind and her father were shifters. Finally he knew her “family secret.”

He stopped at the edge of the copse and gazed at the ranch house. Armed guards walked the perimeter, cameras were mounted on the corners of the buildings. Fuck, the only things missing were towers and gun emplacements. He had no idea what his girlfriend was involved in, but now her father was in there somewhere as well.

His grandfather told him stories of their people shifting forms. Never before did he wish so fervently that he had that talent. He continued along the treeline.

There! John's tracks went to the building on the left. Jake said a quick prayer to his ancestors and crawled the distance to the outbuilding. Sounds came from within. Voices. He stained to hear, but could catch no words. He eased around the building until he came to a window.

Rosalind was in a small cage, screaming in rage. Suddenly the air around her rippled and a huge auburn wolf lunged at the bars. Jake heard laughter. At the edge of his vision he saw a huge gray wolf chained to the floor. John.

Two men were beating him and a third touched the wolf with a cattle prod. John Dumar could barely move. He was bleeding and burned in several places. He was dying.

Jake tried the door. Locked, but lightweight. He threw all his weight at the flimsy door and crashed into the tormentor holding the prod, both of them hitting the floor. He brought his knee up to crush the man's temple and grabbed the instrument. Almost before thinking he swung around and jabbed it into the second man's throat, ejecting a bolt of electricity.

The third man seemed rooted in place. Jake kicked him in the stomach and touched the wand to his face. “Unlock the cage,” he shouted. The man hesitated. “Do it before I take the key from your corpse!”

Rose rushed to her dad's form. “Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” her tear-streaked eyes tore at Jacob's heart. “He's dying. He's too weak to change back.”

Jake handed his lover his cell phone. She quickly punched in a number. “Code Black, lots of prey with guns.” She sobbed into the phone, “Alpha's down. Hurry, Daddy's dying.”

Jake knelt and stroked his friend's fur. The wolf weakly licked his hand. Jacob's memory flashed back to something his grandfather told him a lifetime ago. “John, bite me,” he said. “bite my arm!”

The big animal shook his head. Jacob forced open the wolf's mouth put his arm between the jaws. “Bite down, John. DO IT!” With that Jacob Two Bears brought his other hand sharply on the wolf's snout and screamed as the sharp fangs punctured him. He then yanked his arm free, leaving a small chunk of meat in the animal's mouth. His friend swallowed.

Rosalind said, “Why did you do that? Help is coming.”

“Grandfather said werewolves need human meat if they can't change back. It was the only way to save him”

“But do you realize what you did? You can't live a normal life now.”

Jacob held Rose and kissed her tears. “Listen,” he said, “your dad was almost dead and I couldn't wait for your friends. Besides he said I could not get his blessing until I've lived a year as you do. I guess now I'll get that year. That means a lot to me."

The night air was rent with the sounds of howling wolves and helicopters. The Hunters were here.

Rose blinked, confused, "His blessing for what? Oh my god!" bursting into fresh tears. "Jake, you're so beautiful."

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