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by Jennyj
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and where did it come from, anyway?
New Prompt:
Write a story or poem that includes an accidental discovery.


Last week, while
eating Chinese food,
I received a
great fortune cookie
bearing the enticing fortune
"a dream you have
will come true"
--but what dream was that?
(I have so many that I'm
working on.)
Do I have to do anything
to make that
unknown promise happen??
How will I know
when it's here?
I lost that message almost as soon
as it fell out of my cookie.
I gave up looking for it!
Declared it gone forever!
though I wanted to keep its .
Inexplicably hopeful message,
Today, I found it floating disgustingly
in my coffee cup--sort of
like a misplaced tea leaf-
as I drank my coffee in bed,
my little lost, now-brown-and-sodden
fortune from last week!. Now,
just what do we have
here unexpectedly again,and
where did it come back from?
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