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Terror awaits a few...

Death is coming to those I despise!
See the terror in their screaming eyes.
They didn’t think I would go this far,
As they had pleasure; my life to mar.

We all have choices, theirs were bad.
Could they not see they made me mad?
Now as my essence fills with hate,
They’re condemned to a terrible fate.

Their pain increases, so hard to take.
Just the beginning; make no mistake.
I loathe myself for what I must do.
For my years of misery, they will rue.

Humanity abandoned, I take great care.
I gouge and slash; it seems only fair!
When I am done and they are all gone,
I will have redemption - until the next one.

My first try at something a little bit dark...

"My emancipation is a brilliantly dark poem, unique in its powerful rhythm that seems to scream a message to the reader. The potent lines the author uses to convey these dark thoughts makes a great lasting impression!"
~ "Critic Quotes Review"

Freestyle poetry. Each stanza is a quatrain and I follow an AABB rhyme scheme.

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