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He who dared to love has changed something in his life. He never dared again...
He who dared to love now cries his silent tears. He was a dream prince, a knight, an ideal man. He was a comfort, a laugh, a silent noise. He was a miracle, a lost boy, a magician. He was a carefree spirit, all the wonderful smile, an angel. He was a man with a purpose, a sense, a conviction. He was all that until she came.

He never dared to find love for fear of pain and tears. He was never doubtful, just cautious. He expects the best from others and expects others to trust him. He works silently, but the results are always big. He was your funny man.

She came into his life when everything's just perfect. She was his angel, his comfort and his most favorite girl. He said that her smile reminds him of all the wonderful things in life.  He always makes her smile. He was her comfort on her troubled times. He was the strength she sought when she's giving up. He was the hand she holds under a moonlit stroll. He was the arms around her when it was cold. He was her everything, or so he thought.

She never meant to but she fell for another man. He was nothing compared to him, ordinary and yet, one she deserves. She thought she doesn't deserve someone like my friend, who was a little too perfect. My friend thinks otherwise. He never thinks of himself as a God or a Prince but he was one. And maybe, yes, just maybe, his way with people was the one flaw that makes him vulnerable. His personality alone makes people insecure.

She  was a good girl, and she never meant to, some things are just like that. Even though she had broken his heart and  ruined his first love, he still thinks the best of her. Never for one second did he hate her. Said  that her reason 's okay with him and as long as she's happy, he'll be  fine.  He cried so many times,  took  my pillow  and filled it with his silent tears and  pain,  my house became the  quiet witness to his bitterness and regret.  He cried until  there were no more tears, and then as he always do, smiled afterward.

To this day, he who dared to love  now smiles his charm and infects the people around him with his joyful  spirit. During  the day he was the dream man, but at night, he turns into his bed  and tears would roll down his face  to his tear stained pillow, the weight of his hurt still evident . He who dared to love now walks even more cautiously in fear of seeing another smile that would blow his well built  armor of defense. He who dared to love has changed something in his life.

He never dared again..

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