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Rated: E · Editorial · Supernatural · #1651938
I have had always questions regarding life. I have no complains up till now because i have got the greatest gift my parent and a beautiful body but i have questions like what is life? who are we? what was our purpose to come on earth? what was the need of creation of earth ? what is life and soul what is the relation between them? In Hindu mythology it is said when one dies then his body dies but not his soul then my question is if it is true then the number of souls should remain constant but it is not so because the population keeps on increasing like water in a bucket so where do god gets souls from to fix in the body if the souls are in fixed number. It is also said that god has created everything then i think what was the purpose of it did he wanted to play a long game in which humans animals and plants were the characters and earth was its playground. It is said that everything has its origin then what was the origin of god and what was the origin of the real origin ? Everything begins from zero but where did this zero came in existence from? If you say its a cycle then i say that a cycle also begins at some stage we can biologically prove that how earth was created but can any one tell me that how was the space created to contain this universe where did this hollowness and emptiness came from. Just imagine you are standing in a room and you are free to move but slowly slowly the room contracts from all direction and there is no space left. It is what i want to tell at the origin the space would have been zero then where did this supernatural power arose from. Just think there is no importance of us once man dies then he even does not come to know that he is no more or he was once upon a time, we really have no existence because we have been made and if we have been made then we will be finished also obviously god is the biggest for us but suppose there must be something greater:  (shunya) zero who would have created god and so on.

    What is time ? It is always finished only it never starts it is not a thing which we can touch or see it just goes on. When Earth will finish and new life will exist then again a new time will not be started  rather it would be continued. After asking so many questions i have got few guesses also for my answer but  i myself do not understand what it is but i will still write that life (including everything from zero to infinity) is cycle of time which keeps on repeating but as i have said that cycle also starts from some point then what is that point ?
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