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Quick blurb on being lassez faire about reality
Status Quo

There in the resting fields of the human condition, blooms at the slightest glimpse of a tear to a mans eye.  It’s not what you’re thinking of doing, it’s how you’ve become conditioned.  That’s right look straight ahead and see that wall, beautiful isn’t it?  Stop for a moment and admire the smear which takes the form of routine art – a pictorial of effort and drive.  A mirror of yourself.

It’s known as Status Quo.  It’s been around for a while, since we came into existence I’m guessing.  I can’t be sure and can’t be bothered researching its origins.  Yep, it’s got me too.  But has it really got me or is it impossible to determine what has become a standard of existence and so well worn into the fabric of society that it can’t be patched over or band aided without being noticed.  Just like the Bespoke Gab one can aspire to wear, it’s there and it’s part of us.  But will you try it on and see if it fits you?

We learn history as children and we see these heroic Icons defying the standards that have nurtured them their whole lives to take on a victory and change our world almost instantly, providing us the gospels and multimedia trilogies so we can use and learn to be free of our own tyranny.

But really, what is the Status Quo, how can we possibly define something that is the quintessential factor to our daily routine?

You stand on the corner of 2 streets and you happily watch the crowds going by.  Yes your feet are sore and you’re considering waltzing off to get a Hungry Jacks Bacon Deluxe Value Meal.  The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks – that’s the slogan isn’t it?  But back to the point, because that’s what this is all about.  While standing there depraved in your increasing starvation you begin to view 2 people doing the unspeakable. There is a couple meeting for lunch, but not just any lunch.  They’re going to have Sushi.  The blaspheme of social Liturgy to discuss half heartedly our choices.  You know the lady, she sits a few seats up from you on your lunch break most days of the week eating the same as you - “1 Bacon Deluxe Value Meal, eat in thanks”.  It was comforting to see the same face with the same meal on the same days at the same time.  The routine got you through to Friday for Friday afternoon drinks.  I still wonder why she was never there on a Tuesdays.  Did she not work Tuesday’s?  Can she tell I like her? 

Bit it’s ok, interest in this girl is nothing other than an infatuation and a mere transient lust for someone you think is sexy.  Give it time, it will go away.

But wait, now you see 2 guys walking past holding hands and giggling like 3rd year senior catholic private school girls.  Why do they have to do this to me, it’s not my lifestyle, can’t they just keep it behind closed doors?  They probably wouldn’t get picked on if they didn’t hold hands in public.  They’re sauntering up the street in grotesque clothing which they’ve purchased online from the latest designers – they want to be leaders in social iconography – and now they flaunt their success and confidence in my eyes.  Again, Blaspheme!  But this time it’s more than religious sin, it’s a social sin.  A stigma of sorts that not even they themselves can escape.  They’re overt and mannish, they don’t seem to care what the rest of the world thinks.  It’s just them and their “gayness” that lets them feel better than everyone else.  Well it’s got to end.  We can’t have our children learning this stuff – It’s just not right.  Now they’re kissing.  For goodness sake, this is just wrong.  I feel sick just reading this, don’t you?

But maybe this is just freedom of expression and speech.  Is it ok for me to be who I am or should I change for the world around me.  Or is it ok sometimes to venture out, go against the grain, and get a “bento box” from the local sushi train?  I suppose it’s about having a choice.  Maybe it isn’t.

Now don’t get confused, this isn’t Pygmalion or a process of catythemia.  “It is what it is”. A lax take on personal judgment for your own sanity.  Let’s follow the leader.  It’s just easier that way.

The brain is big enough to think for itself without our conscious mind chipping in and confusing the situation.  Is your heart still beating?  Are you still breathing?  So you didn’t die reading this.  Now that’s a relief!

Take a walk on the wild side, it’s not your fault it’s how you’re programmed to function, She will be loved.

It’s the anarchists doctrine “The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself”.  Give it a go and see what’s really happening.  But I don’t care, it’s not my problem.

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