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A self defeating take on language and how we use it incorrectly but it works for us well.
There is no validation to reduce the context in which we misinterpret the spoken and written word and deny it a chance to take the form of one simple language.  Although A Polish Linguist did try – what a curious summary of syntax, grammar and elocution.  But it never really took off to survive it’s zygotic development of theory – or did it.

Yes it’s true, there’s many languages, and therein, dialects and sub dialects.  Slangs and Jargons.  As far as the river flows there will be a new version of what you know as your native tongue – India got it right and allowed it to happen.  Denmark simply reduced the spoken and written word to 2 prejudices – formal and informal, while adopting the umbrella we know as “English”.

Invite finish into your vocabulary and have a panadol ready.  They take idioms to an unparalleled parahapnanirvan, while the Hungarians called it a day and accepted it was hard enough, leaving them stranded in Nirvarna (the Deities themselves aspired to do better).It’s all a Hoch Potch of sounds now.

Take the word Use.  It really does have a long meaning.  It’s a verb, adjective, noun, adverb, pronoun all in one.  Just be careful where you shove it in polite conversation.  You May and/or Can offend everyone you say it too. Your Use of the word Use is Used incorrectly and is Used to being Used as a pass tense so, just get used to it – You still with me?  Give it a go, take a word and run with it so that you too can inherit the meretricious intent like your ancestors.  Just don’t forget to put your own spin on it and ‘ise, ‘ed, ‘ly, ‘ment it as you see fit. Or just think with a Lewis Carroll flavour.  Chaucer blended a couple, Nostradamus compiled, while the Greeks stayed true to their collegians patriotic banter.

Talking in the present we can refer in past tense to the adoption and dogmatic renaissance of PROPAGANDA that is Vatican I and Vatican II.  Pope John Paul II authorised the upgrade of liturgy from Latin to English for the Laity to be further engaged, influenced, baptised and caged as a Heard while aspiring to walk the path of a lonely Sheppard.  Visual pomp can be useful as blinkers for eyes of the plebeians in a marathon to collect, unite, collate and manage the plebeians without a mirror.

Give a sentence any structure and say it with conviction.  I am? I am!. I am.  Just don’t forget your punctuation and decorations when expressing, or your inflection when implying.  Give it a past, present or future, whatever takes your fancy.  Why not try a simile with a little onomatopoeia just to highlight the connotation and dissonance or your ambiguity. 

The truth is, we inherit our ability to articulate our minds.  We will encode a channel of communication in some way, only to decode to our better efforts the random and Lasses Faire lingo that pollutes our ears. It’s all gone to “shit”.  Polite isn’t polite anymore, and furthermore, some industries place emphasis on accuracy and defiant terminology only to leave the masses stranded in a one man boat, misunderstood and confused.  Cease and Desist?  Can you just say ended?  Maybe Repealed makes more sense than the easily understood “outdated”.

Psychologists will use a mix of Latin and Greek to stereotype and classify us; the law employs Latin and French.  Gimme a break, it’s Australian I speak in Oz.  Doesn’t most languages stem from Latin anyway?  French and Italian bear a remarkable comparative to Latin, regardless of how it’s spelt or pronounced.  It’s just easier to rhyme in Latin and sounds better to a love sick mills and boon reader if you give it a French tombe. 

So what is the truest language known to man/computer in the modern day?  Languages have evolved, died out and been reborn.  Cuneiform, although we can’t pronounce it with certain accuracy, we can surely understand it and reproduce it with a mallet and chisel.  Much like Greek.  Linea A and Linea B.  How did they come up with the name?  I’m sure there’s a refined intellectual already reasoned debated doctrine out there.  Yes, over 100K words – a deduction of what other people have already said.  100K words, you call that concise?  There’s an epidemic of Greek, Latin and French going around the world.  Along with sufficient deposits of Sanskrit just to make it interesting to the decoder.  Be careful with your translation, you’re going to lose enough of the meaning to make it less comical.  Being a paid physical stress therapist in Scandinavia isn’t as bad as being called one in English speaking communities.  But hint that someone may be possessed by the serafini themselves to Swede and you’ll be a nominated candidate for post mortem prima facie elected leader.

Yes, yes, it’s big words and lots of them in a row.  Not all of that sentence was in true English, but a mix of many.  But you get the meaning behind it without knowing what each word really means.

It doesn’t generally matter how you use it, or how much you generalise it as long as you get the point across.  The Bastardisation of the Latin written form has certainly made it easier for people to get the point across and lead us all into temptation wherein we are all victims of our own communication and intention to use the written and spoken word towards each other.

We’re all speaking the same language, but some of use it for good, some for evil.  Whatever you intention is, reckless, malicious, or negligent, you’re an offended of communication from the day you speak your first word.  It’s up to you to educate yourself in your native tongue and do it justice.  It’s an upsetting thought when you wake up and realise you have been speaking anything but your native tongue for the past 70 years. Huh, What?

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