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by Jaiam
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A Religious Poem
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Not long ago, I met someone who
Told me that a storm would come and
He spoke with such deep insight, that
His words alone have changed my life.

He warned me not to be afraid and
Said I must tell others and spread
The “good news,” as only it could see
The Faithful through, what is to come.

“None though,” he said
"Would be spared,
The trials of - the storm.”

“Fear no evil – love GOD with all
Your heart and serve him well,”
He stated, “for time is short, and
Even now, is running out.

For an Almighty GOD
Will not be mocked, or long
Abide the ways of sin, which has
Now become the ways of men.”

I closed my eyes but for a instant,
To look inside my soul, and I
Was ashamed of what I saw.

And when I opened them again,
To confess what I had been,
The man, if man he was - was gone!

“Wrong it was” he had told me, "to have
Utterly dismissed the Seven Sins so deadly.
Once feared they were, but now,
Most live however they may choose.

But time is running out,
For GOD will not be mocked,
Or long abide the ways of sin,
Which has become the ways of men.”

Those were the last words
He had said, just before he left me.
And now I spread his warning,
Just as he had asked me.

Mostly, I am shouted down, or
Mocked, or even beaten.
My efforts have a cost to them,
Often, a heavy cost to them.

Yet, I go on, for on occasion,
Some pay heed and take up
The cause, and they too
Share the Word of GOD.

And others pray.
Begging GOD to give
Us but a little longer.

A few more months, or weeks, or days,
So we can tell others, to turn away
From sin, and back to HIM.

Hoping, it will matter in the end.
Hoping we can save enough of us,
So mankind can go on,
Once the storm has come.

For, this storm is coming!
Even now, it is just showing
Out on the horizon.

Those who wish, can
See it; sense it; feel it.
And all are being warned,

That our Sovereign GOD who has been mocked,
And abided the sinful ways of men, for so long,
Is about to loose - a cleansing storm.

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