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"As we exchange..words/My..partner appears supremely radiant.." - a poem
A petite, stunningly beautiful,
Dark-haired woman with a soft, delicate aroma,
My sweetheart places a moist, heavenly kiss
On my eagerly awaiting lips.
As we exchange welcoming words
In each other’s soulful presence,
My loving partner appears supremely radiant;
I naturally adore her youthful appeal
And fervently stylish, sexy attire!

We celebrate our joyful meeting
With a warm, heartfelt embrace;
And upon receiving a gentle caress
From her supple, beautiful hands,
We proceed to chat in the elegance
Of her aptly furnished, homely quarters…

Her kisses throughout our magical encounter
Are sweet and mesmerizing,
For we are two lasting souls
Who are deeply in the throes
Of a unique and everlasting love;
Upon saying our goodbyes,
We partake again
In this sweet and rapturous affection,
Revealing our eternal oneness and devotion;
For we share a love that shall constantly renew –
One that we’ll adoringly seek,
And shall forever and dutifully cherish…
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