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Part Three of being in the past with Jane Austen.
Megan hugged Gretchen and Angel as she whispered: "Did you get here, too because of the seance?"

Gretchen nodded. "Your seance caught us, too. Do you know how frantic Damon and Wags will be when we don't come home?" Wags was what Gretchen called her husband.

Megan sighed. "I know. Damon won't be able to get me on my cell and he will probably call the police.

Jane cleared her throat. "Megan, are these ladies friends of yours?"

Luckily, Gretchen and Angel were dressed in dresses of Jane's era.

Megan introduced Gretchen and Angel to Jane. Angel knew that Megan was living out her fantasy.

Jennifer asked Angel where they had gotten the clothes. Gretchen and Angel were at Mrs. O'Rielly's house down the road who loaned them the dresses. Angel also told Jennifer that they were telling everyone that they were from London and were in a carriage behind the one that Jennifer and Megan had been in. After all, how could they tell anyone they were from the present?

"Would you like some tea?" asked Jane. Gretchen and Angel were big tea drinkers.

Gretchen and Angel said they would.

Jane left the room and the girls started to talk at once.

"Is that really Jane Austen? Hey! How are we going to tell everyone we know each other?"

Megan said" Alright. We know each other from London. We work as nurses. We can't say we are from rich families. London is a big city so hopefully no one check out our backgrounds. After all, we weren't even born, yet."

"No kidding!" said Angel.

Just then Jane came back with a fresh pot of tea and cups. She poured the tea.
She smiled sweetly. "How long are you ladies planning to stay in Bath?"

The ladies were speechless so Gretchen spoke up. "We are visiting my aunt Florence Venerall."

Jane was puzzled. "I have never heard of her. How far way does she live?"

"She lives in the country by some woods. She is somewhat of a recluse and an old spinster."

Megan admired Gretchen's quick answer. She thought. WE NEED TO COME UP WITH AN AUNT FLORENCE. Could this day get any better? Be careful what you wish for.

Jane asked when the ladies planned to leave to see Aunt Florence.

"Tomorrow." Gretchen answered.

"Where are you staying tonight?" Jane sipped some of her tea.

Angel answered. "Mrs. O'Rielly's."

Jane knew Mrs. O'Rielly. Mrs. O"Rielly was a widow woman who had a big house and not many guests. She was more then happy to have Gretchen and Angel for guests.

Just then Mr. Austen came back in. He looked at Gretchen and Angel. GREAT! Just what we needed. Two more like the other out spoken ladies.

"Father, this is Angel and Gretchen. They are friends of Megan and Jennifer's. They are staying at Mrs. O'Rielly's. "

Mr. Austen said: "Ladies." He poured a cup of tea and went back to his library.

"Ladies. We are going to an Opera tomorrow night in Bath. Would you like to go with us? It will be me, Cassandra and mother."

Megan and Jennifer were all excited. Jennifer spoke up. "We would love to!"

"What do we wear?" asked Megan.

"Mrs. O'Rielly has plenty of dresses. I am sure she would love to help us. Oh! Gretchen and I are going too." Angel held her tea cup and looked at Jane.

"Splendid! Megan, Jennifer, are you staying with us tonight?" asked Jane swetly.

"If your father will let us."

"Father will. It is nice to meet new friends. Mother will be home afterwhile and you can meet her. She is at a charity luncheon. Cassandra is still outside painting. She is an artist."

Megan smiled. SHE KNEW THAT. HOW COULD SHE TELL JANE THEY KNEW HER ABOUT HER? There would be time later.

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