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Sasha very independent DJ, love giving advice but can't accept the same advice she gives.
Hmm, hmm clearing my throat and easing in my seat it was only a few minutes to air time, I sat beside the local DJ and smile, knowing all to familar that I was getting my sexy voice on for my callers he start to que my music for my show. "Hey Everybody, yep you know what time it is Sasha advice giving time so open your ears and get ready to call in for your advice or answers to the next person problem. So here we go!" The DJ lowered the music down so I can get into my show. "Ok as I check my email the first problem of the day is: "Dear Ms. Sashay, I'm in love with my ex, the more I try to keep in contact with him, the more he shuts me off. The more I try he gives up. What am I doing wrong hopefully lost in love" whew I blew out a long breath. "Gurl I know you feeling this brother and all but he's an ex for a reason if you couldn't make it work when ya'll was together your not going to be able to do it while he out there doing him. I know it maybe hard to hear but he's giving you the signs he's not interested and that's time to move on". Turning in my seat grabbing a pen tapping on my knee while I keep up with my train of thought. "We're bout to take some callers and see if the people agree or disagree. Ok, caller are you there "Yeah" a deep voice called in, "Whats up caller, what's your name". "Hey this Ty, I just want to say that girl need to give it up, prob ready to lose my player card but its evident he playing the field and her too". "Hmm, Hmm, well Ty don't just stop there why do you think he's playing the field." Laughing hard on the other end "Ma I mean if he had time before and don't now you've been replaced, its that simple. He may still call or if you need him he may be there but it won't be the same, nah its not the same. He does it to keep you close, in case he got a need for you". Pushing my self from the desk "Wow, you really put it out there, its all the things we think but assume that its so and not so. Well thanks Ty for calling, Caller #2 your on the show, state your name and what you think about girlfriend problem." I could hear her switching the phone from ear to ear whispering in the phone "Hey girl its Carey, I'm at work that's why I'm whispering, I just want to say I love you and your show keep it up. Girl I think if she feels that way don't give up she need to be open with him and let her know how she feel. You know men are dumb and you have to put it in there face if not they won't know what's there, alright I got to go," the phone click. "Ok thanks Casey, that's true sometimes guys wait so long and see you with the next guy its a shocker, like your suppose to be alone. Yeah, right, don't roll your eyes, the DJ is tripping over here, like Casey won't right!" Peering at him, he try to look as if he want to say something so I boast "Ok, well what's your input on it then" folding my arms up to my chest prepare to make a stance. He slid over to his mic "I mean, for real dude might be going through something he might don't want to talk to her about, or dude might just need some time apart for real its sound as if we not getting the whole story and since he can't speak his peace, then why give him a hard time." Shaking my head from side to side "Well I guess that's the typical male point of view, we'll be right back after we have some commercials from our sponsors".
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