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Simple telling who I've become...
I as the man, I feel the eager to accomplish many goals in my simple life. To conquer all my events of the future with an exquisite success which it'll be memorized in the minds I pass by. Knowing the consequences and not caring of a single blink. Made to be selfish but not born along it. The few bumps I had had an enormous change for the senses I planned to live by. That is the cause of many teachings I've given to women. Literally as they cleared my painting to what love is for and the depended reason of allowing the grieved emotion to bleed.

They, whom I adore, filled me with sorrow until I transformed to the monster of all fears. The devil which I swore not to become in my young years. And yet, I shall continue my beliefs. All for the search of the treasure that might enlighten my beater and rebirth an unremarkable lover. I will go beyond the thinkable and create my own shore in an ocean, with all the ships approaching by winds I'm

controlling. And so on, I’m expecting the possibility of the nature swallowing me since I broke their rules. Or maybe, of hatred. As a defender to her gender.

It's been said that time is the cure of a broken heart. That I think or undoubtedly saying is for a second class love. I loved and loved many times. Fully knowing each one is unforgettable. And the time had buried most of them, yet had had a witness upon each just as a missing sign. Promising myself one thing, if happened again, it’ll be the last breath I’ll give to love.

Enough with all the early romance, and lets play what we built. I’ll be the new “Robmeonova”. Who steals an hour I’ll generously donate to you. Full of smiles and unbroken laughs. Give you slights of lights of real love life. And I’ll leave with knowing I made your tears run. With a difference of causes.

Asking myself from time to another, what is true love? Acknowledging that many answers will occur to me, and I chose this “you’ll know when you’re there” as best. And now, I’ll fly to Jasmines and Lilies. Fertilizing and breeding the softly, delicate and beauteous kind…
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