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it describe how men and women is being judge by the society.
As a man, I walk in the slickest line. Between sanity, which a sinity motivation upperhanded by these devils who are watching, directly into my ears. And an insanity where with such eyes that murder their victims in a movement of lashes.

It is what you don't know can terrify the inner soul. Not what you know. Hanging in the middle line of heaven and hell. He stand, figuring what life had made him go through. Just like a starter pianist who tries to play the fifth symphony. Why does shame cover all of us when it should be us who shall close the curtains on these painful waves.

As a woman, we're being judge by the counted times we've been touched "Is she a whore or a pure angel ?! ", Nothing inbetween, and the few who have a bigger minds are either naive or careless, and both are too risky yet dangerous. It's she who puts up to all the arrows coming to her heart, from the demons mouths. Leaving us, the women, feeling like a powerless moth in the end.

The surrounders of all humans are full of racism that puts men and women in different categories. From the wealth side to the skin color. This makes life full of hatred and unbearable, keeping the mankind breathless in a room full of air.
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