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An emotional confessions and an admitting to a move on...
It's been a year to my love gates. And since, I've never felt the joy of happiness. To have my life ended in a very young age just for a summer love. And to give my gate keys to people I was getting to know is a foolish mistake. After we crossed together through these gates, I gave her the keys, and she locked me from outside. Now, as i'm trying to survive in this jungle alone. Wasting my breath with this unclimbable walls. I know my funeral is fastly approaching.

Lonely are my soul, my heart and my tears. To me, my dreams has changed from lightness through the way, to a darkness to kill every light in me.

Well, it was me who digged my own grave. My life is in a small casket and I'm almost ran out of air. Between sanity and panicing. There is a line that im swingly acrossing it like a drunken monkey. I don't how I'll arrive to my death announcement.

But I won't forget the fact that it was you who pushed me into that grave. It was you who covered me till neck with all kind of dirt. And most importantly, I won't forget the last tear you shed upon my sad grave.

This tear, was more heavy than the ton of sand on top of me. All the weight crushed my bones. And that last tear crushed my heart and soul. It's not understandable but still painful. We smiled, we kissed and we loved. And you still left without making any sense. So forever, you will be the one I'll compare all the intruders to my heart to. That's if I, somehow, managed to climb the highly walls im trapped in...
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