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Rated: E · Sample · Children's · #1653780
This is an attempt at a brief action scene.
I would often daydream about having super powers. Then the tables would turn, and he would learn never to pick on the little guy again! It would go something like this. He will give me that hate filled look, “Come here you little pimple! I need the TV remote. Be useful for a change, and get it for me NOW!”  Then I would act all scared, “Ok Chris, but please don’t hit me on the way by!” I know he will hit me, but this time I have a surprise waiting. As I walk by he will try to punch me.  My lightning fast reflexes will dodge his fist and counter punch him so quick that he will think he hit himself, WAM!” I said not to hit me on the way by Chris!” My super powered punch will break his face!  His hate fill expression will be replaced with shock! ”You broke my face! “  He will yell and cry. While I am there, I might as well take over the living room. This would make my whole year!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1653780-The-tables-turn-Daydream