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Sexual adventure
I will never forget the day we spent out 4 wheeling in the country.

It was a bright sunny day in the mountains of Pa and we wanted to spend it outside enjoy the weather. We packed a small lunch, snacks, and a blanket, loaded it all into the truck and headed out to enjoy the day.

The trails we drove took us through some heavy wooded areas, along some beautiful small streams, and up and down some pretty steep hills through some old farm land. The trees swayed with the gentle breeze of the day and the sun warmed the air. We loved following these trails and the enjoyed the hidden views that nature gave up.

After a few hours of driving we found this clearing near the top of the mountain that overlooked this old farm. We decided this was a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy our lunch. We got everything out of the truck and lay the blanket out so we had a place to sit.

Josaphine was a great planner for these day trips and I knew she would have something special in that basket of us to enjoy. She pulled out a couple of small salads and some fried chicken. She was a great cook and I knew that even cold this would be a treat. We sat and ate and enjoyed each others company. We made small talk about the daily events and how beautiful this spot was.

I sat and enjoyed the beauty of Josaphine and how even on a little outing like this she could find the perfect outfit to wear in just minutes. Her long brown hair blew in the breeze and her perfect skin tone as the sun seemed to gleam off her. I always wondered how I was so lucky to find her in this crazy world. She started to gather up our lunch items and set them aside. I wondered what great dessert she had in store for us.

Josaphine said the dessert was not quite ready and that if I wanted to walk around and enjoy the view while she prepared it that would be fine. So I gave her a little kiss and headed off to see what I could discover. She said about 10 minutes come back and it would be ready.

I headed down to the next level of the clearing but I could not stop wondering what great dessert she had in store. The 10 minutes started to seem like forever but I knew returning too soon I would probably be in the way. I found a few interesting stones that I liked and decided to take them back with me. I figured I had been gone long enough so I headed back.

As I came back up over the ledge I noticed I could not see Josaphine at first. Then I noticed she was laying on the blanket, but she was wearing something different. As I drew closer I could see her sun dress hanging off the mirror of the truck. My heart started to race a bit with excitement wondering about what other treats she had in store. As I came up to the blanket I could now see that what she was wearing was a chocolate pudding bikini with a couple of cupcakes placed over her sweet breasts. I was pumping with excitement now as I look at her laying there. I said this is going to be the greatest dessert I have ever enjoyed outdoors.

Josaphine laughed as she could see that I was enjoying myself by the bulge that had formed in my pants. She said she was the first course of this dessert and I better get started before the pudding melted off. I pulsed with excitement as I removed my clothes and knelt down in front of her. I kissed her and felt her excitement as I slowly rubbed my hands along her body. I could smell the chocolate as I neared her breast, the cupcakes some how holding in place as I moved around her softness. Her breathe changed pace as rubbed the inside of her thighs with my fingertips, I felt the pudding running down inside her and along her ass. My tongue traced the underside of her breast and up onto her chocolate covered cleavage.

Josaphine's hands had made there way onto my back and she ran her fingers through my hair. Moaning as my tongue and fingers found her sensitive spots. Her hands passed over me and onto her well placed cupcakes. She grabbed them and squeezed them through her fingers and piece of cake crumbled onto her body. She mixed the pudding and cake together as she spread it over her body and back across my chest and face. With lust in her voice she said" Are you going to let this dessert go to waste?" And with excitement in my voice I replied, "Prepare to be eaten"

I found my way to her soft, pudding covered wetness and licked it clean. The smell of chocolate mixed with her own juices was intense, her sweet pinkness shown through as I cleaned the pudding from her. Josaphine moaned and thrust her hips as my tongue found its way deeper inside her, my hands under her ass lifting her wetness into my face. I watched her squeeze her breast and pinch her nipples to intensify the approaching orgasm. She screamed out with pleasure as she came. The juices covered my whole face as I tried to clean her up. Her breathe changed from moans to gasp as she tried and catch it and her hands still upon her breast.

My tongue and lips found there way back up her body and onto her still hard nipple, I nibble each as I let her wetness run from mouth and face onto her breast. Josaphine hands found there way down my body as I come closer to her. She grabbed me and pulled me into her, we kissed sharing the wetness on my face and tongue. I love to find those special spots of flavor around her as we continue, reminding me of her, on her lips, tongue or chest. She then whispers in my ear that there is still one layer of this dessert missing, the icing and with a hard thrust pulls my hardness deep inside her. She lets out deep moans as if continue to drive deeper inside her.

I am aware of every sense in my body as we continue. I see the beauty of this day and of the naked woman beneath me. I feel the warm sun against my back, the gentle breeze blowing against the softness of our bodies, I smell the sweetness of this woman and taste her on my lips and tongue, and I know the passion we share as we touch each others bodies. I hear the sound of the birds and the passionate moans and screams of pleasure. I am suddenly aware of the throbbing in hardness as Josaphine pulls me into her. I ask her if she is ready for the final layer on this dessert. And she replies "layer it on me"

I pull myself from within her wetness and move on top of her. My throbbing hardness between her chest and as she squeezes them together I feel the pulse of my heart about to explode on to her. She licks the underside of the head and with one hard thrust the icing covers her. I moan and gasp as she squeezes the last drops onto her tongue. She rubs my frosting all over her, covering the pieces of still remaining cupcake and pudding. As I fall down beside her I notice it makes her body shining in the sun. Josaphine turned to me and ask" Now was that a Great Dessert or what?"
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