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by Zhen
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Lot of barriers have sprung up in Pune University. Do we need them in a learning campus??
Today was my daughter's Maths exam. I dropped her off at the exam-centre. The exam centre is always another school. Somehow the system believes that students examined in 'other' environments, i.e. outside their usual comfort zone and therefore in a different school under different teachers can/will/might crib (copy) less...! Suddenly, I realised that I had an hour to kill. So, I turned into the Pune University Campus, a place from where I had started a dream about twenty years ago. This place has a lot of nostalgic memories and what better than your old places to re-visit to experience nostalgia..!

So, driving in the main gate to admiring stares at my car, I came to the fork. Took the left one by practice, and slowly continued remenscising about the innumerable times I took that road. In the five years I spent on the Pune University Campue, I had travelled this road on foot, cycle, auto, motorbike and office vans. This was great. As I moved towards C-DAC, the place where I had spent the formative years of my career, I was in for a shockkk! C-DAC building was nestled between the twin departments of Physics and Chemistry. In 'our' days, there was a simple row of potted plants between the buildings. Today, I could hardly see the porch of any building due to innumerable compounds (built fences) which had come around these buildings..! What's more, I saw these fences almost everywhere in the entire campus.

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