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Young Samantha Blackwell will she chouse warewolf, good vampire or the path of the evil?
         It all started when my mom moved us to a small house in the middle of nowhere, ok so it wasn’t quite nowhere but it might as well have been. There was nothing around us but houses just like ours except for the one at the end of the street, the big southern plantation that looked like it had seen much better days. Its paint was pealing and most of its windows were either cracked or were so dingy you couldn’t even see your own reflection in them.

I thought there was no way in hell I would ever survive in this place, Most of the houses were the same and the people all looked like store mannequins you would see in an old fifties store. I thought I’d never find any way to be myself in this late fifties want to be, perfect world town like it would turn me into one of those zombie preps or ZPs you see walking around in there neat perfect outfits. That was until I was told my room was at the top of the house, it was an attic or so I thought. I was looking up the long twisting staircase that led to the room wondering what it would look like when my mom popped up behind me and told me I could have it and the basement all to myself since there was a secret set of stairs that led from one to the other.

So I agreed and she handed me a pad and paper. "What the hell is this for?" I asked looking skeptical. "List everything you think you want to do to the room and I’ll go get some paint and some help from the hardware store in town tomorrow." she explained in her to perky to be natural voice. "Ok fine." I told her and rolled my eyes as she turned and headed down to the first flour. I sat on the bottom step and began to scribble down some ideas, but before I could finish my thought she poked her head back up the stairs and gave me that don’t even think about black you little miss Goth look. Before she had time to say a word I waved my hand at her and said in my normal dull droll “No black walls I know.” She smiled flipped her head of perfect golden hair, and walked back down to unpack. “No way she’s my real mother” I thought to myself as I looked back to the paper and scratched off black on the paint list, and replacing it with dark purple.

After I finished my short list of things id need I headed down stairs to give her the pad back when the doorbell rang. “Oh god not now” I thought as my mother came dashing from the kitchen and showed me in front of her to answer the door. It was as I had feared the Nabors, When my mother opened the door we were greeted by four perfectly groomed kaki warring ZPs. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Fine we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.” The tall blond ZP said holding a pie, with a smile that reminded me of a psycho Barbie.

         “Why hello” my mom said with an equally scary smile, gripping my shoulders. “I’m Miss, Blackwell and this is my daughter Samantha, It’s wonderful to meet you. Ill spare you the painfully boring introductions that ensued after that. The Fine family consisted of Mrs. Fine, her husband, their daughter (14) Allissa, and there creepy son Blake. I say creepy because he kept staring and eyeing me the entire time. Thou I did get a nice looking Apple pie out of the whole aggregating thing, too bad I won’t be eating any of it. You never know it might turn you into one of them.

That’s one chance I don’t think ill be taking in a life time. Well after my mother was done cooing over how wonderful the Nabors were she suggested I go investigate my new rooms while she finished unpacking the rest of the boxes. I trudged my way up stairs and to the attic stairs, It sure looked like the stairs would give way if even a mouse treed across them. With a cautious first step I began the long assent into the dusty old attic. Just as I had thought it was mostly empty except for a few sheet covered furnishings.

An old four poster king bead was laying in the far corner, with long black silk curtins hanging from its rods and pooling in swarls on the floor. There was an old looking door slightly adjar on the wall next to the bed, a cool draft was coming from the door. Walking closer to examine it I noticed it led to another staircase that led to the basement. Wondering just what would be down there I took the first step when my mothers voice broke throw my thoughts. “Samantha, can you please come help me?” she called from the kitchen.

“Sure” I called shaking my head and turning away from the door. As my eyes lifted from the floor they met a pair of beautiful icy green ones for a split second before they vanished. Blinking fast to clear my vision I rushed my way to the kitchen, only to be met with a pair of beautiful icy green eyes. I could hardly breathe as the owner of those amazing eyes looked back at me from a chair in my kitchen. “Sweetie, this is Alexander Silk, His Family owns the plantation down the road. He came to welcome us to the naborhood.” She said with a psycho Barbie smile. “As well as invite you both to my family’s yearly Halloween ball.” He said Holding out a black envelope with silver calligraphy to me with a charming smile.
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