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Zach had been offered a 100,000 dollars for a simple job.
Head Games

Click. At the sound of the wire cutters, the two men froze. No movement or sounds of alarm came to them.

"That should do it."

"It can't be that simple. Are you sure?"

Taking a deep breath, Zach said, "There's one way to find out," as he gingerly pushed the window open.

No warning signs were apparent. "Pass me the goggles, Alan," Zach whispered as he hoisted himself through the opening.

Zach had gotten a call, offering him a hundred thousand dollars to steal an artifact. The mysterious buyer had provided him with detailed information. Upon acceptance, twenty-five thousand dollars had been couriered to him.

Zach had found out that the score's name was Percy Argos. "Percy!" he snorted. "What a wimpy name. This will be a piece of cake."

Now, slipping on the night-vision goggles, he peered around the room. "The box is behind a secret panel, just below a large painting," he recited to himself. Spotting the gilded frame, he moved across the room. He found the small release. The panel opened soundlessly.

Reaching in, he felt the hard edges and pulled. It shimmered in the greenish light.

Closing the panel, he retraced his steps, carefully shutting the window behind him.

In the car, he handed the box to Alan. "I can't believe we got away with it," he said. "This is the easiest money we've ever made."

The box gleamed in the light. It was ornate, covered in scenes intricately wrought in gold and studded with precious stones. "This is probably worth millions," Alan's awe filled voice broke the silence. "Maybe we should ask for more?"

"What's inside?" asked Zach.

Alan opened the box.

Perseus, House of Argos, watched the scene unfold from his bedroom window. "Ahh, greed, thy boundaries never seem to be crossed," he chuckled. Picking up his mirrored sunglasses, he went out to retrieve Medusa's head. He took his time. There was no need to rush.

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