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My brother asked me to post this.It's only part of Chapt.1.It's about dragons.

Chapter 1: Shen
  The dragon wars have ravaged this world for a very long time and now we must find our answers for the solution to this longtime battle. My name is Shen and it’s my job to appeal to the Gods and prove to them that our world is worthy of a second chance to make things right. Galek told me an old legend about Yecta the Celestial Golden Dragon. It was about when he sealed away the dragon lords in their old empires. The Transcendent Great Wyrm Red Dragon: Yimar the ruthless, the shadow souled: Aknar the undead mage, the aspirant swordsman: Genjin, the dark paladin, and the fallen  guardian: Azuka the retched. Yimar was enslaving the dwarves and gnomes as his empire reached from the Redick plains, to the east of that was Scale ash valley, to the west the Magenta vault, and to the south the ruins of the Azmecta kingdom of the Tolteztin territories. Those four places was known as  the Jintar desert. As for Aknar he had the craters of Kastarian chains which was five miles by twenty-six miles. Genjin had the Ash Karl cannons and Azuka ruled the Valtarian trench. Each ruled with iron fists, with no competition except each other until Yecta: the guardian of spirit descended from the heavens surrounded by bright light with his long golden body white flowing main and five toed feet and escorted by the councils of the two first courts  of the four elemental nations. The first two courts was the Chromatic ember court that ruled over Earth and Fire, the Metallic thunder court ruled over the Wind and Water. They had kept order for centuries and the Dragon Lords had gone to far with them this time because the had broke into heaven and stole the crystals of Origins. Both courts were furious with them and with the help from Yecta and sealed them in their old empires. They were put into an eternal sleep only to awaken when the fifty-one planets, eight moons and seven suns align. You see I never told him that Yecta was my father, but it was not always like this.

                             China town, San Francisco

  "Train now arriving at China Town Square", announced the conductor as the steam bellowed from the steam stacks, army green paint as the train rolled into the china town Military base. Soon as Shen steps off with his newly issued Marines duffle bag Warrant officer James L. Byson, six foot even an silenced Desert Eagle pistol approached. “General Cosington requires your presence in his personal quarters.” Said the Warrant officer. “Sir!, I don’t even hold a badge, Sir!, so why does he want to see me?” asked Shen.” That is because you are only fifteen-years-old private, and he normally don’t ask for anyone under warrant officer so get to him ASAP.” Ordered the Warrant officer. “Sir!, yes, Sir!” responded Shen.
         “Glad you could make it private.” Said the General.” Sir!, you called for me, Sir!” said Shen.“ Yes now sit down private.” said the General.” Sir!, yes, Sir!” said Shen.” Now listen, your father General Marik is in the hospital. Now before your escorted by the MPs I want to know something.” said the General.” Sir !”asked Shen “ I know you used an phony I.D. and the only reason I allowed you to stay is that your father was a general before me so he out ranks me and since he never retired he still does. So why did you do it?” asked the General.” Sir!, so I could serve my country, Sir!” said Shen.” I can respect that now what is your name private?” stated the General.” Sir!, Shen Yecta Gurada Bane, Sir!” said Shen.” Dismissed, and Shen, don’t let me down.” Said the General. “Sir!, I won’t, Sir!” said Shen as he left with the MPs.

                             At the General Defense Infirmary

         As Shen walked into the infirmary he could see wounded all over the place like on the show Mash. Some had amputated limbs, some had minor to serious contusions and others just had shrapnel in the probably from stepping on a mine or having a bomb go off near them, and in the room at the end was Marik looking just fine. He looked like he was early fifties with snow white hair, five foot nine and could weigh at least one-hundred-and ninety pounds to two-hundred pounds. He was reading a book called “Chemistry 101 and American warfare.” Soon as he entered the infirmary Marik could already see him just like that time Shen came home from school.
         It was mid-August the eighteenth day as Shen was walking home from school. “ I can’t believe that I got detention and he didn’t.” complained Shen. “ We all know that and did he think he could get away calling you “Lizard Born” and where’d those claws come from?” asked Liz. “ It’s not your fault he got caught fighting on school property in front of his principal.” said Mark.
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