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by Jennyj
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They said it was made of green cheese; it that how they turned into green men??

New Prompt!

I wonder what it will be like -- celebrating St. Patrick’s day on the moon.

If astronauts are suited up, how will they be able to pinch each other for not wearing green? Will their base camp have green bagels and green beer? Will there be parades in the street? (What streets?)
Will leprechauns provide them with lunar shenanigans?

Via poem or story, explore the ramifications of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in one of our future moon colonies.


They say the moon's made of green cheese
and that's what turns them green--
I guess the lonely man up there
is green and cold and mean!

And so, how will he celebrate
that Irish day, so dear?
Will he find others, painted green
who happen to live near?

I'll bet they'll drink green beer and then
serve up a bright green cake;
green frosting would freeze stiff up there;
it's far too cold to bake!l

And, all that bright green dye will make
them dizzy from the glow.
The sheen will make them wish hard for
a good dusting of snow!
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