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A group of Discarded toys come to life seeking revenge on there owners, is this the end?

When we grow up we don’t think much about what happens when we throw away our old favorite stuffed toys, But what would happen if just a few of them were to come back to life? When an old gipsy woman casts a spell on her death bed, a group of stuffed toys come to life seeking vengeance on those who cast them away. Will they find that vengeance, or will they find something so much more when they meet up with one special little bear?

Chapter 1 Scully

The morning sun broke throw the trees shining its golden ray’s agenst the sleeping Girls pillow. Turning her head the warm rays warmed her face making her stir from her slumber. Opening one glowing green eye she sadly sat up, throwing the covers off on her long sleek well curved body, as she slid from the soft warm bed. Her feet made a pat, pat, pat noise as made her way into the bathroom.

Her long silken red hair wrapped around her nude body. Entering the bathroom and reaching a Hand out to turn on the shower she heard her grandmother humming to herself in the kitchen as she made Jinx’s lunch. Jinx let out a sigh but turned on the shower and stepped in, letting the water rush over her soaking her hair. Moaning as she felt the water rush over her breasts, her hands moving, rubbing over her body coursing her breasts, Rubbing over her slit. As she thought to herself with a heavy heart she turned off the running water. Stepping out of the steaming shower she grabbed the towel from the towel rack, wrapping her long thick red hair in it, silently moving to brush her teeth. Stepping out of the bathroom she walked over to her stack of folded cloths on her bed picking out her school uniform. Letting the towel drop to the floor she slipped into her favorite silk black thong and matching bra, hoping to make the day better than all the others.

Picking up she short pleated green skirt she remembered the past 18 years of her life. Tears of rage and anger filling her eyes as she remembered her parents brutal murder before here very eyes, the taunting she had put up with all of her life for being what she was. Slipping into her shirt buttoning it up and tucking it in, she failed to notice the open bedroom window or the tall thin boy slipping out of it. Her only memory of her parents, a small black teddy bear clutched in the boy’s hand. He slipped out the window and out of sight as sightlently as he could.

Ever since that day more than 10 years ago she had kept Scully with her, but that was about to change. Putting on her white silk shirt and knee high white stockings on she pated her way over to her bag under the window. She paused noticing a small folded piece of paper on the flour, Picking it up she let out a low growl grabbing her bag and dashing out of her room. “They took him grandma, they took Scully. I’m going to get him back!” she hollered snatching a few dollars from her grandmother slipping into her loafers and rushing out the door.

She could see the boys up the street tossing Scully back and forth, starting to run as they saw her coming. “You basturdes I’ll kill you for this!” she hollered as she ran faster towards the boys, Pausing to scoop up a large rock and chunking it as hard as she could at one of them. Even form her distance she could hear it collide with the boys face as he turned to look behind him, with a bone crunching crash, causing him to drop Scully as he hit the ground with a nasty thud. The gang of boys to stop and turn around, Jinx stopped she felt slightly bad until she realized it was the same boy that had tried to get her drunk at a school dance by spiking her drink.

Realizing he had dropped Scully she rushed towards the boys agen, but before she could reach them they had grabbed him up agen. Seeing what was about to happen she began to cry as a sudden clap of thunder tore throw the sky as the boys all began tearing at Scully. Jinx found her legs wouldn’t move, and tears began to bluer her vision. “Hope you like a headless bear.” One of the boys called as the others helped there wounded friend up and they took off. A soft whispered “No..” was all she could muster as the boy tore the top of Scully’s head off dropping him to the ground as he turned and ran to catch his friends. Jinx took slow steps closer to the pile of fluff that was once her only friend. She began to sob hard as picked up the pieces and cradle them close to her.
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